Carol Costello and Suzanne Malveaux of CNN make my blood boil

For the record, I don't have a problem with moms who choose to work outside the home.  I especially admire widows, single moms, and women with disabled husbands or unemployed husbands who must take on the role of sole provider for the family.  In fact, after having one particular child of mine, I have grown to appreciate the need for some time apart to help our love grow.  Some moms are really unhappy at home and that's no good for the children.  Others sacrifice seeing their children in order to provide the child more opportunities or to live more comfortably. ...more
I fully appreciate what you are saying about the sacrifices you made to stay at home to be there ...more

Ann Romney, I've got your back!

What really miffs me is when people tell me how "lucky" I am to stay home with my children....more

A Day Being the Mom I Want to Be

During a knock-down drag-out with my two year old yesterday I thought back to when my oldest was two: the tea parties, the long walks, the days at the zoo.  My current two year old spends half the day in his car seat picking up his older siblings and delivering them to their various schools and activities.  The other half of the day we spend fighting.  We fight as I try to get the chores done, the food cooked, the laundry folded and from the front door, to the car and back....more

The Problem with Princesses

Disney has done us no favors, folks.  This morning I roused my sleepy 5 year-old out of bed and carried her into the living room to watch the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton.  I thought she would be delighted to see a common girl become a princess in real life before her very eyes. I was wrong.  She watched in awe at first, but before I knew it, she was on the ground kicking and crying.  It was a fit of tumultuous jealousy and pure rage....more

It's not as if she is going to actually live a perfect life.. it's a job 24x7, and even if it's ...more

Domestic Diva

Some women scoff when I use the term Domestic Diva.  They say, “I’m no Diva!”  That’s fine.  But, I think I define domestic diva a little differently....more

New Website

I have been rebuilding my website: www.thefamousstacie.comand I am ready to announce it to the world! I am going to move my sewing and cooking projects over there and keep daily life, kiddos and some crafts etc... here. I am hoping my website can link all my places together: YouTube, Twitter, Zazzle, Create Space and Blogger into one nice neat package! Please come visit me at the all New