DIY: Building bookshelves from pipes and boards

Who knew regular old black pipes could transform a boring wall into an industrial-style library?! I suppose the answer to that is Restoration Hardware. I was inspired by photos in the company’s catalog, shocked at the prices, and jubilant when my husband agreed a do-it-yourself project was indeed, very doable. ...more

Homemade Honey Butter In A Food Processor

Have you made butter? Don’t worry — you won’t need an antique butter churn or even a cow, although if you had one or both it would be swell. You can make butter in a quart jar, a ideal for toning your arms. Or, you can grab your handy dandy food processor and have creamy butter in minutes!Follow these simple instructions:

Gettin' saucy with apples

I came home from the fruit market with a bushel of apples. They were Molly Delicious — ripe, juicy and destined to be classified as seconds, also known as not perfect. It could also mean overly ripe, spotted or bruised. Seconds are ideal for making applesauce....more

Show Pigs & Dairy Queens: focus on fair week

  You may think you have a great hair stylist, but you ain't seen nothin' yet. My girls know how to wash, cut and curl 'til the cows come home — and that's not hogwash. Speaking of hogs, have you ever seen pigs on parade? Head over to Farmgirl Follies for a daily accounting of life at the county fair....more

The Firecracker Pinwheel Project

July 4th is fast approaching!The kids and I have been creating all kinds of fun decorations and activities for our party-goers ... like these pinwheels. They'd be great for any occasion, not just Indpendence Day. Best of all, they're easy to make and cute as can be! ...more

Blue Island Girl


Pillow talk: pins, needles and three-dollar rugs

  There’s something about blue stripes. Whether we’re talkin’ ticking, dish towels or pillows, doesn’t matter. I love ’em, especially in summer....more
I love your pillows. great idea.more

Never fear the bees in the bucket

Early morning observation. You can't quite see the ever-changing shape of the bee swarm that's hanging off the apple tree branch, but it's there. And Mr. Aderhold came to get it. He's the beekeeper who collected our rogue swarm. His hive count is now 75.  Mr. Adherold's bees make a lot of honey and he sells it locally....more

Family Fun: Let the games begin!

  It's all fun and games ... Or it should be. We're all busy. I get that — totally. I also know that in between soccer practice and piano lessons and work deadlines, minutes are ticking away. They're wasted forever ......more

Cinnamon Ornaments: scents for your home & fun for kids

  Let’s spice things up a bit! Cinnamon ornaments are fun to make (and messy, depending on the age of your helpers!). The delightful smells soon to fill your house are well worth a messy kitchen....more
Thanks for the pictures. They were great.more