When It Comes to Breastfeeding, We Can’t Handle The Truth

Every single time a new study is published proving that formula feeding costs the lives of mothers and babies, people come from the farthest corners of the internet, flame throwers in tow, to argue with the research. But no amount of denial is going to change the truth. This week the Journal of Pediatrics published some very serious new findings indicating that 911 babies in America die every year from not being breastfed....more

The Weaning Decision

I think I’ve finally made up my mind about this weaning business.  This decision has been an emotional rollercoaster filled with questions and uncertainty, so I greatly appreciate all the wonderful commentors who gave me so much information to consider. ...more

The One Year Anniversary of My VBAC

Today, May 16th 2009, is the one year anniversary of my successful VBAC.  For those of you who went on that journey with me, you’re probably just as surprised as I am that it has been an entire year since those events.  It seems like just yesterday.  Many of you have had your own successful VBAC stories in that time, and for that I am so proud and thankful. ...more

Things You Should Read Thursday: Vol. 7

This week, something to read, and something just to look at. ...more

I Think This is Them Telling You to Shut It.

Hannah Rosin's article against breastfeeding has gotten quite a bit of attention from bloggers.  Thankfully, it also came to the attention of the scientific researchers who can prove that her statements were not only false, but also potentially damaging. ...more

NEW STUDY: Major Benefit for Breastfeeding Longer

Here's another great study just published on ORGYN.com about the benefits of breastfeeding for 2 years.  Apparently it decreases your risk of coronary heart disease by leaps and bounds. ...more

Needles in the Boobs and a Foul-Smelling House

Friday I went to see our family's favorite acupuncturist about my bad back.  Before I went, it occured to me that I should check around on the interwebs to see if acupuncture is ever used to treat milk supply.  I have decided against taking the Reglan, but I'm at the point that I'll pretty much ...more

Excellent C-Section Analogy by Abby Epstein

I have "The Business of Being Born" on DVD now, and I finally got around to watching some of the bonus footage.  In one of the extra scenes, there is a conversation between Ricky and Abby that I found especially compelling. ...more

Official "Crunchy" Mama

 My transition to crunchy mom is complete.  Never thought it would happen to me, but here I am a hardcore-breastfeeding, natural-birth-advocating, baby-food-making, sometimes-cosleeping, and baby-wearing mom.  And now, we are now officially cloth diapering our kiddos. ...more

Cloth Diapering (a.k.a.) Making my Brain Bleed Again

Cloth diapering keeps coming up in my world.  A friend who lives half a world away from me just started making her own (and they're freaking adorable.)  Then a discussion came up on my Mommy group about them.  And the more they get brought up, the more I want to try to make the switch.  They are just too cute.  The problem is: ...more

The startup cost scared us, too!  We opted for the cheapest method, though: prefolds and ...more