Street Harassment: It's Not Flattering

Street harassment is a serious problem women face everyday. And some new TV commercials might make you think differently about it. ...more
CaramelRell *sits my son down for a talk* -Momomore

Reactions on Campus to the Republican War on Women

Hello all,I've been swamped lately! I realized last night that I hadn't done a blog post in almost three weeks (oops), so I need to get back on the track of feminist feline blogging!...more

Hello Kitty is as heavy as three apples

I stumbled across a Hello Kitty backpack in Target the other day and was stunned by what I saw. Right next the picture of the beloved cat was a caption that read "I am as heavy as three apples." Since when does anyone care how much Hello Kitty weighs? ...more


What is real beauty? Magazines seem to think that it's overly photoshopped models. I disagree. ...more

Woohoo for my froofroo?

This ad:  ...more