Sharing my world...telling something I know is true.

Today's prompt is:  Tell us something you know is true. scattered a few true things throughout this short, but fun link-up post.

BlogHer Writing Lab: Opinion

More introspective than I've been of late....with a pretty photo of marigolds because I like photographs in my posts.Ha - okay, there was an opinion I'm not afraid to share.  I like putting my photos in my posts.  :-) ...more

BlogHer Writing Lab: Perfect Picture Blue Sky

Have you ever taken the perfect picture of the sky? Show us the image....more

BlogHer Writing Lab: Recent Purchase

What was your most recent purchase? Show us a picture and tell us the story....more

May BlogHer Writing Lab: Item in Storage Box

The BlogHer Writing Lab prompts look like fun this month!  (I'm sure they are fun other months, too, but I haven't noticed them in a while.)  Snapshots?  Something in a storage box?  I can do that!I've got the post over on my personal blog.  I'm not sure how I want to handle posting here as well as there, so for today, I'm going to just include a link to the blog.  I'll try over the next few days to look around and decide how I want to integrate posts here with posts there!...more

Only in your house...

I may be slightly biased, but my kids are generally well behaved.  They have their moments, of course, but overall, they are pretty darn good.  Tantrums in stores are few and far between, so when they happen it is something of a big deal.  A while back I was grocery shopping with my 4 year old.  We had had a long day and were just trying to finish up so we could drive the 1 1/2 hours home.  It was at this point that she melted down and had what many would consider a normal kid tantrum in the middle of the grocery store aisle.  Why?  Because they were out o...more