Hello February

February.. it’s always a month of new beginnings and celebrations....more

Mid-Month…January where are you going?

Hey folks! Can you believe we are already in the middle of January? So how many are still keeping their resolutions? ...more

2015 Wrap Up

Hey Folks! 2015 has been a year of ups and downs for me. Thankfully more UPs than Downs. ....more


No Excuses November

So we know I had a health scare and I didn’t run MCM and I pretty much lost it and well finally got my life together. November 1, I decided to rededicate myself to my wellness journey. My partner in crime TMac and of course Mister have been key in getting me out of my feelings ....more

A Goal Deferred

I will NOT be running the MCM 40th Marathon on Sunday October 25th and here is why: Prior to training I had some blood work done along with a chat with my doctor to make sure I was OK to take on the training for a marathon. ...more

I Ran 20 Miles on Purpose

Hey folks! Marathon training has been a test of my wills! This is actually harder than child birth to me. ....more

My First Time – Guest Post

Some of my readers may know Organized Noise he too has been an on/off again blogger but we have become friends off line and we talk about health & fitness often. ...more

60 days till Race Day

Yup.. that’s right.. 60 DAYS. ....more

A Day in the Life of an Athletic Supermom – Guest Post

My friend and fellow athletic supermom Shaunna or as I like to call her Dr. Supermom & hashtag queen from SHEro Athletics penned this post to share. ...more