Motherhood: The One Sure Way to Cure Self-Absorption

I was always one to indulge in the malaise of youth. I can't get out of bed. I hate Sundays. Then I had children. Suddenly I became a cipher. The person that I had to buy wrinkle cream and go to the gym and avoid dessert for (what an idiot) was absent. Which isn't to say that I lost myself but that I lost time for self-reflection. And it felt liberating. I didn't hate Sundays anymore BECAUSE I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW IT WAS SUNDAY....more
I'm sneaking a chocolate chip cookie in this early morning, while my 4 week old baby still ...more

Dear Hillary: I Need a Mail-Order Village

I know what I want this year. And I'm appealing directly to the First Star on the Right and the laws of Scratch 'N Play Lotto. With a strong appeal to Hillary Clinton. For my village. Because I'm village-less. ...more

i hit sparkle. and fave. what the hell else do I do????

you know i love you girlmore