A Frat Party For 5 Year Olds

I'm a single 25 year old. I do not have kids, and after the story I'm about to share, I don't think I ever will have kids. I moved to Colorado at the very end of September, with my Mom, and we're staying with my Aunt and Uncle, and their 8 kids. It's kind of a crazy household, to say the least. But last night was easily the craziest night I've been privy to since moving out here. ...more

What Happened When My Dad Walked Away After the Divorce

I'm the product of a "broken home." The ones that EVERYONE was talking about in the 90's when I was growing up. I was one of those kids that was supposed to end up all kinds of weird because I didn't have a dad around. In elementary school, I was the only one out of my group of friends that didn't have two parents. I constantly felt like a pariah. Not only were my parents in the process of a nasty divorce, as soon as the divorce was all said and done with, my dad disappeared out of my life. For several years. Several of my most formative years....more
@jenlbosse I'm sorry I missed this comment Jen! It was an incredibly hard lesson to learn, but I ...more

5 Free Apps for Small Business Management

As a thrifty person in general, I'm constantly searching out free software and applications that will make my life easier. Especially apps that help me run my business more efficiently. I feel it's only right to share my favorite free apps that I use for my small business, that you may not be using (but you probably should)....more

great post. Screenshoots gives an opinion of usability. Sometimes i look through testimonials ...more