An Open Letter to A Friend

Open letters seem to be all the rage, so I’m throwing my ass into the ring and writing one. Why not say these things to my friend (or friends) privately, face to face, over Tequila shots in a bar?...more


The first Sunday in May is officially Girlfriend Mom Day. Mark your calendars Hallmark....more

Despite The Captain n’ Tenille, Love Will Keep Us Together, Dammit!

It’s taken me fifteen weeks to write this post. I needed time to figure out how I was going to tell my adoring fans that The Girlfriend Mom is no longer a girlfriend. Well, that’s one way of doing it....more

The Only Jew In The Room

My boyfriend (Reny) and I took the kids to his brother’s house over the weekend for a get together. His immediate family, as well a healthy extended family were in attendance. He’s the youngest of five, in a Portuguese family where both of his parents were one in twelve and thirteen respectively. Everyone in my family stopped at two. Some should’ve stopped at one....more

Do Your Kids Know More Than You Do?

@SharonUleryRuggieri Oh, I think we're all saying the same thing, only we use different words or ...more

The Ex-Wife Said That I Wasn't Family

I need to take a moment and give names to those that I am constantly writing and ranting about. From now on my boyfriend will be called, Reny (short for Renaldo) the GM daughter is Laura, and the GM son is Luke. Yes, that was done intentionally and yes, I think it’s hysterical. Move on....more

Should You Be Jealous Of Your Boyfriend's Masturbation?

When my boyfriend schooled me one sunny afternoon on his masturbatory modus operandi, I realized that I didn’t know as much as I thought I did on the subject. I believed, like I assume a lot of other women do, that when he masturbated to a short online video, that it was because he didn’t want to have sex with me. I thought that he was choosing his hand over mine. And I’ve got great hands, strong yet sensitive. But I digress. ...more
@RebeccaHoward Thanks for the tip. I'll let him know and thanks for stopping by.more

'The Voice' Took My Relationship To A Higher Level

My boyfriend and I watch The Voice together every Monday night. And Tuesday nights. And Wednesday nights if it’s one of their extra special shows. He’s become quite the music aficionado. This is coming from the man who didn’t know who Joni Mitchell was when we were first dating. Yes, I was judging. And yes, my boyfriend corrected me, I thought Joe Scarborough was the NBC newscaster. He’s not, that’s Chuck Scarborough. My point is, we are learning from one another and that’s a beautiful thing.  ...more

Would You Let Your Teen Have A Sleepover with their Boy or Girlfriend?

Would you let your teenage daughter and her boyfriend, share a bed if he slept over your house? Do you let your daughter’s boyfriend sleep over your house? About a year ago, my boyfriend’s daughter asked us if her boyfriend, whom we like, could spend the night. We were all going skiing the following morning and it would save him a trip. My boyfriend already knew how crystal clear I was on this subject....more
Do you dislike the person your child is dating? Would you like to prove once and for all that ...more

Permitting Teenage Sleepovers: PART DEUX

 I love when people comment on my posts. And this one seemed to have hit a nerve, which I also love....more
Let's say that you're an adult whose parents don't like that you're living with someone without ...more