What Are You Buying Your Child For Christmas?

One of the most frustrating and annoying things about being a Girlfriend Mom (and there are many) is the part in the show where my objections for this thing or that thing, fall on deaf ears....more

A Shout Out To Judy Blume

 I initially published a version of this post back in January, but in light of Judy Blume’s announcement of her battle with breast cancer, I thought it was a nice shout to the woman who taught me about sex. Sort of. Enjoy....more
 @Denise Hey Denise. Thank you for reading and yes, it was my way of telling her what a huge ...more

Why Do A Background Check On A Doctor

What the fu*^?!!! ...more

Do You Know The Blended Family Shorthand?


My Passover with Cher

I first performed this in my solo show, Dani Live! My Life In Leg Warmers, in May, 2003 in Los Angeles. It was first posted here, in April 2011. It has been refurbished for your listening pleasure, and is dedicated to Passover and Cher. ...more
 @injaynesworld Okay, now you're just being silly. Smithsonian? Don't you mean the Museum of ...more

Judy Blume Taught Me About Sex

I was up early to meet my...more

I'm a Size 4 In A Straightjacket

I'd like to think that I am a relatively sane person, although 'insane' has been bandied about every now and again when describing my behavior....more

Happy Anniversary The Girlfriend Mom!


Still Golden (Girls) After All These Years


A Girl Scout With ATTITUDE... WTF

A Girl Scout With ATTITUDE......more