How to Spice Things Up

Do you feel like the passion has dimmed in your relationship?  Here are some steps on how to spice ...more

How to Stay Healthy This Cold & Flu Season

Hacking coughs, body chills, muscle aches, runny noses, watery eyes … let’s face it, cold and flu symptoms are no fun at all.  Does it seem like the older you get, the worse the symptoms become?  Well, there is some truth to that.  Knowing how to stay healthy during cold and flu season isn’t as hard as it may seem....more

Mom Finds Natural Remedy for Autistic Son


How To Kick Up Your Energy

Are there days when you feel like a limp dish rag and you have absolutely no energy to get  through the day? Life in general, can knock us for a loop when you factor in constant stress, lack of sleep, and not practicing good nutrition. When we’re out of sync, our bodies act out....more

Do You Compromise Your Health?

Compromises have no place in our lives when it comes to our health and well-being.  There is only one person who benefits from the gambles and terribly bad choices we make when it comes to what we eat and how we live our lives.  Yep, and we're talking about that really scary dude, the Grim Reaper!  Compromising your health is a risk you can't afford to take....more

Pumpkins ~ Not Just Great for Decorating

Landscapes across the country are vibrantly changing to a colorful array of russet, orange, gold and shades of red. With that beautiful display of nature’s pageantry, is the excited anticipation of our fall season holidays, Halloween and ...more

The Decadent Health Benefit of Chocolate

Did you ever think that adding 70 percent cacao (also known as dark chocolate) to your diet everyday would help you to lose weight?Researchers have found that the properties in cacao may have the potential to block the digestion of carbs and fats in the body. That’s right, block them!...more

As Our Parents Age


Fizzled or Dazzled ~ Which Are You?

Whether you’re married with children or a single parent with a partner, I betcha the last thing on your mind at the end of a long day is having sex, right?  Is it possible to take your love life from fizzled to hot-hot-hot when you live a hectic lifestyle? Maybe “hectic” doesn’t quite fit the bill when you roll into one day an alarm clock that beats the sunrise, rushing breakfast while getting the kids up & ready for school...more

Teen Choking Game

Is your forehead furrowing with uncertainty right about now?  It should because this is a major cause for concern.  If you haven’t heard about it, it’s quite possible that your children have and it isn’t a game either. ...more