Feel Good Recipe for Cooler Weather


Evadng a Death Sentence

Evading a Death Sentence ...more

10 Cabin Fever Projects for Kids

Are you close to ripping out your hair and climbing walls this winter?  The Polar Vortex was not our friend this season, and with most states exceeding record snowfalls this year, Spring cannot come soon enough.  If you’ve got little ones to keep happy and occupied, cabin fever is not fun....more

Do You Give a Damn?

 In today’s culture, it’s pretty evident that chivalry and etiquette has almost become a thing of the past....more

Bringing Romance Back Into The Bedroom

 Has the spark petered out in your boudoir?   Be honest now.  It’s okay and so easy to get back.  When the majority of us are raising a family, working full time, taking on extra hours to pay down debt, feeling stressed and overwhelmed, and drained mentally or physically, it’s understandable.  Would you be surprised i...more

30 Valentine's Day Love Messages

Whether you're in a serious relationship or have been married for a few years, it's important to remember that everyone likes to be reminded how important they are to you.  With Valentine's Day just a short week away, take a few moments to let the one you love know exactly how you feel....more
Thank you so much Blog Her for featuring my post.  It's such a joy being part of this awesome ...more

How to Spice Things Up

Do you feel like the passion has dimmed in your relationship?  Here are some steps on how to spice ...more

How to Stay Healthy This Cold & Flu Season

Hacking coughs, body chills, muscle aches, runny noses, watery eyes … let’s face it, cold and flu symptoms are no fun at all.  Does it seem like the older you get, the worse the symptoms become?  Well, there is some truth to that.  Knowing how to stay healthy during cold and flu season isn’t as hard as it may seem....more