Mega Churches, What have they become?

Mega church, I used to think, was a place where some real people were worshiping God and helping each other understand how to make it in the world that we are IN but not OF.  ...more

Rhetoric Pushers, Hate Mongers, Spinmiesters…

yes and a happy day after Easter to you too! ;-) But then when is there a good time to bring up difficult dialogue, difficult questions or just thinking about what comes next… Recently I received an email entitled: CAN MUSLIMS BE GOOD AMERICANS? Along with a message: ...more


I believe that life should be about what we CAN do. Afterall not everyone can run a race must less win it. Not everyone can focus for long periods of time to solve/work on the theories of time and space and how we can invent a worm hole. Nor are most of us able (in my case willing) to strut themselves among the red carpet/reality crowd (ick). ...more

Why am I tired, sleepy, depressed, not feeling well?

First I’m going to tell you I am NOT >>>>NOT>>>>NOT a doctor or nurse. I AM telling from my own experience and it is so others can recognize and ASK their doctor to check for this possibility for them. ...more

Inspiration CAN lead to perspiration

I was inspired by a post at Hawty McBloggy’s place. I really got stars in my eyes when I saw these cupcake toppers. I thought to myself, the kids would go CRAZY over something like this. With stars blinding me I remarked I was going to try my hand at the fondant cupcakes. Then Ms. McBloggy responded with the request for pictures. Now I HAD to do them! ha! Yes, it is the gamer in me. Anyone who has been reading here knows we are really into our Wii. Super Mario Galaxy is especially gorgeous and spectacular so I wanted to theme my cupcakes after it. My theme is “Mario Dreams.” ...more

Invasion of the Hubby Snatchers!

That is right…invasion of the Hubby Snatchers…coming to a blog near you! I couldn’t help but snap a few pictures to document the fact that I went to sleep with one large hubby and woke up to two smaller versions this morning. HOW do they do that and WHEN do they do that? My hubby explains it as a push and shove proposition that takes place late at night after a spell has been cast over me. It is quite magical and fun! I plan to cherish these moments as they go so very quickly. And while I’m reminded through pictures, I’m also building ammo for the terrible teens! ...more

The TEACHER still teaches...

Many of you have seen or heard about Randy Pausch (A Teacher is the link on my blogroll) and his profound final lecture. I like to keep up on his activities as I am lead to pray for he and his family and all those that suffer from “difficult” diagnoses. His most recent update proves he is still teaching, God bless him. If you or someone you know is facing a difficult diagnoses this is something to read and rejoice: ...more

ABC, DISNEY, Jimmy Kimmel, Sarah Silverman, Hollywood, Sheep, Yucking it Up

WARNING VULGAR LANGUAGE INCLUDED Apparently, I have no sense of humor at all. I’m sure people will think I’m a prude. I’m not. I’ve used vulgar language on occasion NOT as a regular old word to say in every sentence like the word “UM”. I guess everyone wants to be a sailor these days or at least like the taste of potty mouth. I guess for me the Jimmy Kimmel broadcast stepped over the line. I’m referring to the Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel use of ABC’s late night show to bring sophomoric humor to levels of ... more at ...more

Choices, Perceptions and the Pursuit of Happiness

I have a friend who is into astrology (love you girl) and she tells me from time to time what the planets have in mind for me. I have to say that I’ve been very impressed with the information she’s given me over the last year or so. We talked recently and the news from her wasn’t what I’d hoped for as to the alignment of “my” planets. Suffice it to say that it seems as though my state of affairs will continue in a “not so great cycle” until next year. Great! When I was so full of hope and looking brightly into 2008 as the year of reclaiming myself! ...more

Plowing AROUND the Stump!

In 2006 we’d removed a VERY old tree in the back yard. We wondered and wondered how we would remove the stump. We just left it there eventually putting some potted plants on it. Within a year it started to decay and last Fall my husband removed it completely with VERY little effort. ...more