It Takes a Village to Raise a Child (But What if The Kids Are Jerks?)

Deep dark parenting confession: I don't like other people's children. Now now, let's not be hasty. There are plenty of great kids out there. I love some of my friends' kids almost as much as I love my own, and I've met a handful or three at the grocery store that seemed like pretty alright cats I could tolerate at a barbeque for like, a whole half an hour. Deep dark parenting confession: I don't like parenting other people's children. ...more
@Mary the Blogger   Maybe you are the one with the "nose out of joint" here.  This lady only ...more

Undooced: Fired Because You Don't Blog -- Or Your Employer Doesn't Know You Blog?

Some of you noticed a post that went up Friday and then later in the day mysteriously disappeared. Yeah, hey, my bad. Despite what you might expect from a blogger I'm really a pretty private person and it was too much too soon. Deep breaths. Let's try this again and see if I can leave it up for good. ...more
Was blogging a part of your job desriptionmore

Why I'm Failing as a Yes-Mom: I Don't Have a Yes-Kid

Around the hippy-dippy side of the parentosphere I see a lot of discussion of what I call "Say YES!" parenting. Kids hear a lot of no. They're faced with a world of restrictions, what they can't and shouldn't do -- what better way for us to loosen our grips and empower them than with letting them hear YES. Unless they're in danger, hurting themselves and/or others, most of the reasons we say no are pretty flimsy. What they want to do is messy, inconvenient, annoying. Those are our problems, not our children's. Let it go. Say yes. It sounds dreamy....more
Well, not a mom, so I probably should not comment at all, but two things spring to mind: 1. yes, ...more