This is what you've missed

Next month would have been our 20th wedding anniversary. Would have, of course, being the operative words. If only, if only. If only it had lasted. If only I could have seen what was going on, if only you had been brave enough and kind enough to have talked to me about what you were feeling. What you were missing. What you were wanting.If only....more
Great essay. I loved how well you wrote it. I appreciate the eerily accurate and sentimental ...more

Mama, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Housewives

A few nights ago, I stepped knee-deep into a pile of Mommy Wars. Thankfully, it was a wholly internal incident, so the only witness to my slip into the eternal debate between working moms and SAHMs was me. ...more

Dear Kotex: Please Sponsor Me at BlogHer '13

Desperate times require desperate measures. I want to go to BlogHer '13 in Chicago. Like, really bad (badly? Sometimes I wish I had finished college)....more

What The Heck is #VOTY ?

That's what I was thinking. I'm gonna be upfront about this: I'm not a big BlogHer gal. Don't get me wrong: I don't dislike it. It's more a case of me not GETTING it. ...more
happy_haus ElisaC I am sometimes oblivious too. Are you a threat to my title as Ms. Oblivious? ;)more

Women Like Us...we are EVERYWHERE


Me and My Big Mouth (or keyboard)

So I have this friend, whom I don't see nearly as often as I want to....but I love her.  She's bold and brassy and tall and sexy and strong and a fierce mama.  Her husband left her a few months ago, for (gasp) a younger woman.  He gave her the same litany of excuses and reasons that so many of us get:  things are stale, he needs more (insert whatever primal need here; blowjobs, attention, steak dinners, whatever), this new chick just "gets him" in a way she never could, etc.  I have tried to be there for her during this whole process, the sifting process in which th...more