I'm the "Meanest Mom in the World" and Proud of it!

“You’re the meanest mom in the world!”There once was a time when hearing that phrase from one of my kidlets would have had tears streaming down my cheeks. I would doubt my parenting decision and had to convince myself that I wasn’t doing some sort of psychological harm to my kids....more

Creative Summer Way To Get Kids To Behave

Summer is in full swing in our household.  Both of the kidlets are in day camp and having a grand old-time of “no more pencils, no more books, no more teacher’s dirty looks!”  It also seems like the end-of-school dismissal bell has rung in our own home with the kidlets rebelling against mom and dad concerning all things routine, rules and discipline.   It also doesn’t take much time or effort these days for brother and sister to turn against each other as well.  Sometimes it’s a miracle for them to be in the same room for five minutes without any arguing, screaming ...more

Summer Day Camp Essentials

With the school year rapidly coming to an end (18 days and counting), our house is full excitement for the summer.   As a family, we look forward to all the fun things we get to go during the warm weather – trips to the zoo, local amusement parks and our annual week at the Jersey Shore. This year we’re adding something new to our summer repertoire – camp....more

Today We Are All From Boston

I don’t like to get political here, as that is not the focus of this blog, but I did want to share my thoughts about the tragic events in Boston….As an American I am angry that there was a terrorist attack on our soil, regardless if it was perpetrated by a foreign or domestic source.As a human being I am both angry and deeply saddened by the loss of any life and the immense hurt of any innocent citizens, regardless if was perpetrated by a foreign or domestic source....more

Playing With Chalk

I know that spring is in the air and that summer can’t be far behind when my driveway starts looking like this, a massive piece of graffiti art! The family is trying to taking full advantage of the warmer weather here in the Northeast by spending as much time outside as possible....more

Getting The Gold! A St. Patrick's Day Kids Craft: Making A Leprechaun Trap

Last week my son's kindergarten teacher sent home a note to all the parents.  Apparently my son’s classroom has been invaded by a mischievous little Leprechaun who has been disrupting the classroom such as knocking over chairs and leaving books out!  In order to catch the leprechaun, the class is going to put out traps to try to get his pot of gold! All the children were asked to use their cleverness, ingenuity and of course, some help from mom and dad, to make their own leprechaun trap and bring it to school this week....more

Going From Flab To Fab - A Healthier New Me in 180 Days!

Weight has always been an issue in my life.  Whether it was me, a family member, a friend or a co-worker, how much you weigh and what size you wear has always been a hot and sensitive topic....more

Necessity Is the Mother Of Invention Means Moms Are Ingenious!

They say that necessity is the mother of invention, and as a mom, I have to totally agree.  From talking with other moms, I’ve come to the conclusion that when any of us are facing a difficult or unpredictable situation, the mind goes into overdrive and inventive and ingenious solutions are born.  Heck, some moms have even made profitable businesses out of their ideas/solutions.  Just walk down the aisle of any baby store or search the internet and you’re sure to find a creative solution for whatever your situation or need....more

100th Day of School and Counting....

Depending on when you started the academic year — and how many snow days you’ve had so far — the 100th day of school should be any day now.  For my son’s kindergarten class, that day is today....more

Kid Lit - Humpty Dumpty Magazine Review

My kidlets love to get mail.  They run down our long driveway and stand on their tippy toes to reach into our long black mailbox with the bright red flag.   As I sort thru the litany of bills, department store mailers and junk mail, my kidlets always ask if there's anything addressed to them.   Occasionally there is – a birthday or holiday card from relatives or a thank you note from a friend for attending their birthday party & gift.  I love seeing the look of joy on their faces when there is a piece of mail for them, it’s totally priceless!...more