Thumb Dilemma - Help!

Our 5 year old is a thumb sucker.  An opposable appendage gourmet, if you will.  He's been doing it since he was born.  We never did pacifiers with either boy, and our oldest never sucked his thumb, so this is new territory for me.  He had a blue blankie that went with the thumb, and this summer, he asked me to turn it into a bear.  The camp guy and I really hoped that losing the blankie would help him kick the habit, but sadly, no.  Then we had a discussion a month ago about giving up the thumb, and he agreed to give up the bear for awhile (I have to say - thi...more

hey y'all!

Just checking in - I've been zooming (more like crawling!) around blogher for a few days.  Glad to be here... ...more