Single? Then read this before you have sex!

So this week I was once again playing Sherlock Holmes on the internet armed with my question of the day: how long do you make a man wait to have sex? Now, it should go without saying that the RIGHT person will wait however long is necessary if they are really interested in you....more

These quotes just rocked my world..

“Every human has an unfathomable gift that only meeting life head on will reveal.”...more

The truth about motherhood

The truth about motherhood

Kids do not come with instruction manuals.How many times have you heard that? I’ve been hearing it my entire life. My mother and other adults would tell me those wise words when I was questioning some decision they made or some injustice that was inflicted upon me as a “dumb know every damn thing” teenager. I’ve even heard it from my therapist and senior family members when I’m fretting or crying over a regretted parenting decision....more

I Don’t Make Mistakes

I don’t make mistakes.Am I perfect? No. Far from it. I’ve made more bad choices in life than I care to share or can possibly remember.  Some choices I made because I didn’t know any better.  Some choices I made because I pretended I didn’t know any better. And some choices I made because they were the best choice amongst a bunch of shitty choices. Still, I hold firm to the belief that I’ve never made mistakes....more
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How I Learned to Love the Way I Look

While I have always been pretty comfortable with who I was, I was not always comfortable with how I looked. Like many teenagers, I did not exit the awkward years of adolescence unscathed. While I always thought I had a pretty face (I have my mother to thank for that) I hated pretty much everything else about my body. My breast never grew like those of my friends; all I was gifted with was thighs that looked like small tree trunks (to me anyway). ...more
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