TREND: Eco Looks in New Ways

It’s no surprise that eco abounds at High Point’s Furniture Market this fall. What’s unexpected are the fresh interpretations of this trend that are on display by some of your favorite eco-friendly companies as well as newcomers to the green scene. Read more about what we’re seeing here. ...more

Trends: Stars & Stripes

As High Point Market gears up just days before a highly anticipated presidential election, designers, like the rest of us, are thinking of politics and patriotism. Americana statements of stars, stripes, and themes of red, white, and blue are as infused in design at High Point’s Furniture Market as election ads are on television. ...more

Inspired By Nature

Thursday October 16, 2008Manufacturers have gone back to nature recently, giving us interior design options that range from earth-inspired to environmentally friendly. Many designers are playing up the natural beauty of wood by leaving it rough-hewn and burly. Visit for more information. ...more

8 Bright & Bold New Rugs

Rugs boasting innovative patterns, vibrant colors, and trendy themes are a breath of fresh air for your floors. When they're paired with subdued furniture, they add visual interest to contemporary spaces. These 8 new shining stars have just hit the market. ...more

Outdoor Fabrics are NOT just for Outdoors!

Your kids spend a few short minutes playing rough-and-tumble in the family room, and it looks like a hurricane has ripped through your home. How can you protect your furniture from this sticky-fingered, rough-housing onslaught? Upholster the room in fabric that can withstand a hurricane, of course. ...more

Trends in Tufted Furniture

Tufting is no longer just seen on vintage upholstery. This classic detail is re-emerging with new shapes and contemporary styling. ...more

Caring for Fine Silver

As with china and crystal, Replacements recommends hand cleaning for silver. Silver’s finish actually improves with daily use, what better reason to use it regularly! Silver pieces that are used regularly will develop a "patina", which is actually a blending of thousands of microscopic scratches. This patina creates a beautiful satin finish. Rotate the use of all of your pieces to create an even "patina" ...more

Unique Looks for Bombe Chests

Bombe chests’ practical size and gracefully curving lines make them a nice choice for virtually any decor. You may like the look of an antique or reproduction chest but you could also consider adding a modern spin to a bombe chest you already own. ...more

Animal Prints Take a Walk on the Wild Side

Animal prints are in, and they’re bigger and bolder than ever! Bedding made from animal print fabrics looks modern and sophisticated while upholstery covered in animal-patterned fabrics or embossed leather provides an uptown vibe. ...more