Labeling in the Linen Closet (with FREE printable labels!)

Even though we are gearing up for another move in a few short months, there are still a few spots in this house that I want to work on and tweak for our remaining time here. One of these spots is our Linen Closet! In the first weeks of moving in, I loaded everything into this closet with the intentions that I would revisit it and get it in better working order within weeks ....more

DIY Minky & Tassel Throw

Our house is a split-level house. We have actually been pleasantly surprised how much we like this layout…except for one small problem: temperature control. More often than not this winter, I have sat shivering...more

How I Organize My Week (with a FREE Printable Weekly Schedule)

If you’ve been coming around here for a while, there’s a few things you’ve likely learned about me. I love to create, I love color and patterns, and I love to plan. Yep, I am planner! ...more

THIHM Around the Web #15

Phew! The end of a busy month is upon us! How is the beginning of February just around the corner already? ...more

3 Creative Ways to Make Labels with a Cricut Explore

Last week, I spent some time getting the closet in my craft room/office a little more...more

Printable Magnetic Household Signs

I have been wanting to create a series of free printables for a while now, but what really pushed me into action on the new Organizational Toolbox this year were all the suggestions, request and recommendations from you guys on the Reader Survey! When I asked what kind of products, projects or systems you all needed, you guys had some awesome ideas! I have them all jotted down, and I am working my way down the list ....more

Thriving & Surviving Military Life: Dealing With Stuff That Doesn’t Fit In the New House!

In my Thriving and Surviving Military life posts over the last year, I had...more

Organize This: Fabric

When I asked you all on the Reader Survey to pick your favorite series on the blog last year, I wasn’t too surprised to see the “Organize This” Series as...more

A Tour of My 2016 Planner (with FREE Printable Planner Stickers!)

I originally got into DIYing because I liked being able to make things exactly as I wanted them…on my budget, in my color scheme, to my specifications. And while it is often much easier (and sometimes cheaper) to just buy store-bought versions, having something perfectly tailored to your wants and needs is pretty awesome...more

Hits and Misses | Kid Edition

If you are a crafter/DIYer or you read a lot of DIY blogs, then you know that not every project turns out quite right. And beyond just those infamous #projectfails, there are others...more