Ice Cream Cone Themed Party Favors - @My Daily Bubble!

Heeeellllooo Everyone! How are you all doing? Sorry for the "radio silence" around here! ...more

Using the Fresh Start eGuide -!

Do you ever read a magazine article or an online post about the latest trends in home decor that leaves you 100% inspired but clueless on how to bring that trend into your own home? has put together a snazzy eGuide, full of the latest trends, inspiration photos, and how-to tips for infusing your home with the latest colors, patterns, and textures! Over at today, I am sharing even more ways to bring these trends into your own home by showing the ideas at work in my very own home! ...more

Using PolyShades to "Refinish" Furniture

A while back, I chatted all about this "rockin" furniture makeover (ha.ha.ha.). It's the chair now featured in the corner of Henry's new "big boy room"; and we use it for reading stories and cuddling! Even though I gave a full tutorial...more

DIY Sea Life Pop Art - @My Daily Bubble!

Just a quick pop on today to let you know that I have a really fun tutorial up over at My Daily Bubble today for some really fun and oh-so-easy artwork!...more

An Organized Garage Work Space

Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a great start to your week. My month-of-craziness continues, but I wanted to pop in with the "after" photos of our newly organized garage work space!...more

Fuss Free Label Ideas (for the garage!)

A few weeks ago, I shared the progress I made in (finally!!!) organizing our garage to make it more functional and easier to keep clean and functional. You can read more about my progress HERE. I also chatted a bit about how I take on organizing a space, which involves the steps of sorting and purging, making a plan, shopping, organizing and decorating ....more

Jewelry Display Board Tutorial

Hey Everyone! I hope you're all having a great week so far. I thought I'd pop in with a quick little project I was able to sneak in between studying and summer fun! ...more

A Happy and Preppy Closet Makeover - @!

Little by little I have been working my way through the final few spaces of our home - making sure each space is fully purged, sorted, organized and given a good dose of personality and style! Our front hall closet (which is more of a toy and extra storage closet since we don't use our front door as a front door!) has been badly neglected for the entire time we've lived in this house. It became a place where I stuffed everything and anything that didn't have a proper home and was in a constant state of chaos ....more

Getting Grounded!

I'm so excited to (finally!!) have an update in our dining room to share! Our dining room, that despite being one of my favorites in our entire house, hasn't gotten much attention here on the blog, well, because not much has gone on in here in a really long time. I finished the main room elements pretty early on after moving in...but there was one more layer I really wanted to add in before proclaiming the room "done."...more

Garage Progress and My "Go To" Organization Process

Heeelllo everyone! I thought I'd give myself a little study break and pop in for a quick post. I've missed blogging the past week or so and really felt the urge to sit down and here I am! ...more