Last Day of School

The kids had their last of school this past week and we just had to continue with our Last Day of School Photos tradition!! Aiden wanted to be like his big brother, so he put his hands behind his back like a big boy! Ahh! ...more

Family Photoshoot!

Over Thanksgiving Break, my sister and her boyfriend of Awe Captures Photography, took family photos and they turned out spectacular. They took them in the Desert, using a tripod. We really had trouble finding a location for a shoot ....more

Thirty- Three Years

Mr. Howard turned the big 33 on December 15! We had a fun birthday dinner at my parents' house to celebrate! ...more


Thanksgiving morning, Connor, Isabella, and I went to Starbucks. It was perfect timing because we were able to see the Turkey trot down Palm Canyon while we sipped our coffee and hot chocolate. I asked Connor to snap this photo of Mr ....more

Santa Visit

We took the kids to see Santa in December and they were so excited!! They each wanted to tell Santa what they wanted, but the sweetest thing was when Connor told Santa that Mama and Daddy both wanted cars. Hahahah! ...more

Midweek Randoms

Do you ever get so out of practice of doing something that it's hard to get started again? This is what I have done with writing. I've been so exhausted that I come home and get in the bathtub...or I read...or I eat bonbons on the couch (okay I don't really do that...but I'm tempted).So this is me getting things back on track! ...more

The man sweetly told me I was "Brave." Brave isn't always the word I'd use to describe myself.

For Thanksgiving this year my entire Kirkpatrick family decided to spend the holiday at my little brother's house! Since I had the whole week off and since hubby had a training in Southern California the week before Thanksgiving, I decided to go down the Saturday before the holiday. I drove by myself with three littles! ...more

They obviously don't get that from their daddy!

Eek I'm behind in posting! Way behind.On Veteran's Day while Mr. Howard was out of town for work, I took the twins to their four-year-old well visit ....more

Midweek Randoms

Last weekend we carved pumpkins before Halloween. I forgot to post these on my last Midweek Randoms post. Oops! ...more

On a Halloween Night

On the morning of Halloween, the kids, hubby, and I all got ready for Connor's soccer game. The kids were especially excited because their Uncle Colin and Aunt Becca were coming to the game. Of course, somehow I didn't actually get a photo of them there ....more