In this family, we dance; we play; we build forts; we make messes...

My job outside of the home, as a teacher, is hard. So very hard. I could fill a book with the stories I have heard from students and the experiences I've had ....more

No Bake Pumpkin Pies That Even your Three-Year-Old Twins can Make on Their Own

Do you want to do something fun with your littles? How about mini no-bake pumpkin pies? Every year for Thanksgiving, my amazing kindergarten teacher friend and I make these with our classes as a Buddy Activity (7th graders and Kinders) ....more

Drink a sip of wine for every pair of underwear you fold...

Bet you're curious about that blog title, huh? An explanation is coming...What is with my post titles lately involving alcohol? Eek ....more

Mimosas, Beer Pong, and a Week that Never Ends. I'm tired.

I have a lot to catch up on. I have had the week that never ends. I've come home with a headache almost daily ....more

Halloween Recap and the Mean Mama Award Goes to Me

This year Halloween fell on a Friday. I was so thankful for that because (a) I didn't have to try to teach middle schoolers the day after Halloween and (b) I didn't have to worry about Connor's behavior at school the day after Halloween. I never really liked Halloween as an adult, until I had kids ....more

Superhero Family

Every year my Mothers of Multiples Group has a Halloween Parade and it's the perfect opportunity to dress my kids in their costumes in the daylight and get photos!Every Halloween we go with a theme and this year we chose Superheroes! I just picked out a few themes I thought Connor would like and then let him pick his costume first. Based on what he chose, I gave the catalog to the twins and let them pick out whichever superhero costume they wanted ....more

Midweek Randoms

I know I mentioned in a lot of my posts that I'm feeling overwhelmed, and that probably isn't the best word to describe it. Of course it's a lot to manage, but it isn't bad. We are just so busy! ...more

My Biggest Little Guy

Things have been crazy over here! I wish I could show you my calendar, because it looks like an explosion. I've got three different school's calendars on mine (Connor's, the twins' preschool calendar, and then my school); I have got parent conferences for Connor and my own students...afterschool interventions I teach...meetings I attend...dates I have to drop Connor off early and be picked up early...dates I'm sending in snacks for the teachers and snacks for kids...days Connor needs to return his library books - or turn in his homework - or random forms...days the twins don't have school, but I do - so they have to go to my mom's...days Connor doesn't have school, but I do - so he has to go to my mom's...It's crazy! ...more

She Would Have Been So Proud

The day after I ran my half marathon, we woke up bright and early at 5am to drive down to watch Jen run in HER half marathon - the SF Nike Women's Half. She ran it in honor of her Mama who passed away from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia a few months ago.I don't think I've ever arrived in San Francisco so early, while it was still dark - and I know I haven't seen the new bridge in the dark. The lights are beautiful ....more

I Was in Shock

I always start my race prep by laying my stuff out a few days beforehand, so that I have a few days to figure out if I've forgotten anything! My Race Day Essentials are: Hydration Belt Sport Beans &Salt Tablets Shoes/Socks Sports Bra, Shirt, Pants Garmin Watch Timing Chip and Bib Jacket (which I "check" before I run) My husband ALWAYS wakes up with me on race days. He usually makes my breakfast and chats with me as I get everything ready ....more