An Overnight Date Night - Dating my Husband

A week ago, my sister-in-law and brother asked if the kids could come for a sleepover. I'm pretty sure I started packing their bags the second I got the text. My kids just ADORE their aunt and uncle and we just adore the tiny break we get ....more

Midweek Randoms

It's been forever since I did a midweek random post! I had every intention of posting this on Thursday, but life got the better of me.The first, most important thing, I MUST tell you about is a recipe for a Mason Jar Salad. I used THIS recipe for the dressing (I'm not a huge fan of store bought salad dressings - and this one seriously took me about 3 minutes to make) and I used THIS recipe for the salad ....more

Not me. Nope. No Way.

A few weekends ago, right before we sent our oldest off to kindergarten, I was talking to my husband about a couple of things - namely how we were going to handle school drop-offs, when it hit me that Connor was going off to school.If you would have asked me a year ago if I'd have any sad emotions about Connor going off to kinder, I probably would have chuckled. Not me. Not teacher Mama whose children have gone to daycare and preschool their whole lives ....more

Teacher Mama

I have had a rocky journey the past few weeks. I am in my nineth year of teaching at my school, and my fifth (or is it fourth?) year of teaching middle school. I have mentioned this before, but I feel at home teaching middle school....more

Third Half Marathon Journey: Weeks 4-5

If you missed my first post, on Weeks 1-3, you can find it here....more

Remember that time my husband ran over a wasps' nest?

When I met my husband in high school, he had a Jeep CJ7 that he'd go on offroading trips with friends from church. Actually our first long date was an all day Saturday offroading trip together; I still remember the panic and anxiety of that first trip (offroading is scary if you've never done it before!)...oh and I also remember the secret hand-holding and quick, sly kisses when everyone was occupied. I remember the butterflies in my stomach when he showed up at my house to take me on an adventure, and the hazy "love aura" that surrounded us as he introduced me as his "girlfriend" for the first time ever, to people he had known for years ....more

A Mom First

As will probably happen every year, I took Connor's first day of school off from work. I wanted to be there to make his breakfast for him in the morning, be there to walk him up to his class and drop him off, and be there when he got done with school to pick him up. I am "Mom" first and "Teacher" second and I want my kids to know that.The night before kindergarten, when he came home from my mom's, I had all his stuff laid out for him - his clothes, some kindergarten books for us to read, and his new backpack and lunch ....more

I think the word "excited" doesn't even capture it. They were beyond thrilled.

Because I get the amazing opportunity to be a stay at home Mama each summer, I have lots of time to reflect on the things we did the past year. Each summer I tweak a few things, get a few things more organized, and try to streamline our lives/routines for the following year. Considering we were getting ready for our BABY to enter KINDERGARTEN, we also needed to tackle a few new routines/processes this summer ....more

A Frustrating Week Ending in Some Fun: My First 10k

Do you ever have those weeks where you wish you could just go back to bed and start over the ENTIRE week? I had one of those last week. You know...those weeks, where it requires lots of prayers, multiple "deep cleansing breaths," and Mama timeouts alone? ...more

Having Kids is a lot like Living in a Frat House

Nobody sleeps. Everything's broken. And there's a lot of throwing up.Which is why I need play dates ....more