I just adore being their mommy!

Even though Connor started school a few days after the twins, I went ahead and did their first day of school photos all at once! And holy moly are they adorable! I just adore being their Mommy! ...more

Final Hurrah

For our final hurrah before school started, my mom and I took the kids roller skating! They loved it and I wish we had done it earlier in the summer, because we only had time to go once for their open hours for kidsskatefree.com! It'll definitely be on my list for NEXT summer! ...more

End of Week Randoms

I tried to soak up the last moments of summer, by watching the kids swim a lot towards the end of July and beginning of August!!...more

Wine Tasting

For Mother's Day, my sister, Andy, Mr. Howard, and I took my mom wine tasting and we were finally able to schedule it a week ago! The wine tasting was at a winery called Jodar Winery and we were able to do a complete wine tasting (with maybe 10 wines) and enjoy a cheese/meat selection! ...more

It's my Party and I Can Cry if I Want to

Every year I have a really hard time remembering how old I am. I can't tell you how many times people have asked my age and I've given them the wrong number. Mostly, I attribute it to the fact that my husband turns the age one number ahead of mine eight months before me ....more

A trip to prison...because that's what you do on an 8th Anniversary

A little known fact about 8th Wedding Anniversaries: everyone thinks it's the Bronze Year. But it's actually the Year of the Prisons. Alright, maybe not.If you read my first post...more

A Night Without Kids, a Trip to San Francisco, a Food Tour of Chinatown - Our 8th Wedding Anniversary

Our eighth wedding anniversary was on July 14th, but we weren't able to celebrate it until July 25th-26th, when my mom graciously agreed to watch the kids overnight for us!So, we got dressed up, dropped the kids at my mom's with an overnight bag, and headed off to celebrate!The first half of our celebration was for dinner and drinks at Boneshaker Public House! We loved the beer and hubby loved his Buffalo Bacon Mac and Cheese! We had a mix-up where they actually lost our food ticket and we waited and waited and waited ....more

Soaking up the Last few Moments of Summer

While soaking up the last few moments of summer break, we decided to pack up the car with a picnic lunch and head to the Lake (unless we have a wet, wet winter - this may be the last time in a LONG time, we'll actually be able to go to this lake!). The kids were so excited, but really they just wanted to know when we were getting in the water with them. Ha! ...more

Midweek Randoms

I mentioned in my last midweek randoms post that hubby was traveling for work last week and that I didn't get the post finished! So I'm going to finish from where I left off. One of these days I'll get completely caught up! ...more

They all wanted to hold his hand

A few weeks ago my sister, her boyfriend Andy, the kids, and I went on a hike on the Lake Clementine Trail! It was a beautiful trail and very simple (just two miles one way, two miles back, and then about a half a mile back and forth to the north fork of the American River). The kids did really well! ...more