Midweek Randoms

I'm still catching up from our week with Grandma. We tried to do something fun every day. Most days we were able to get out of the house to have a little mini summer adventure ....more

Six. Seis. Sei. Roku. Sechs.

On July 7th, we celebrated Connor's 6th Birthday with our traditional morning french toast. He requested six candles and when you are the birthday boy, you get what you ask for! Hubby is gone in the mornings, so it's usually just me and the kids ....more

Was it a Birthday? Or did he Win the lottery?

For the twins' fourth birthday, we did our extended family celebration at my parents' house. My sister, Andy, my mother-in-law, and then my little family all celebrated together (my parents had their own separate celebration, because they were in Palm Springs). We did a BBQ and swimming party! ...more

Fourth of July

On the 4th of July, we got dressed in our fun outfits and did a little photoshoot. Connor was working on writing in his journal with his Grandma, so the twins and I snapped a photo! I am not sure why it's so hard for my kids to take pictures with me, but then I ask them to take one with Daddy and we get the perfect photo the FIRST time ....more

Rookie Twin Mom - Oy!

We did a countdown for the kids' birthdays (we're big countdown people over here!) and I did something like a complete rookie parent-of-twins. I made one countdown for Aiden and Isabella to share (I did a green/pink chain..so Aiden could take off the green ones every other day and Izzy could take off the pink on the opposite days). Oy the fights! ...more

Midweek Randoms

In the summer I find that my inclination is to stay up later at night and sleep in a bit (like 6:45 instead of 5:30am). This, of course, is completely fine - BUT I find that I'm wide awake long after my husband goes to bed and then sound asleep when he's leaving for work. So I decided that I'd wake up with him every morning ....more

Collages of Happy

What does one do the day after they get back from a week long vacation with the kids by herself? Why, pack up the car and go to Six Flags, of course! The poor kids...After 40 minutes of driving, I think they got flash backs to the 9 hour drive the day before and started stressing ....more

18 Hours of Driving, Lots of Swimming, Friends, and Family!

A few weeks before the end of the school year, I asked my brother if we could come to the Desert for a visit! Ridiculously enough, there were almost no available weekends I could go and then the weekdays were taken up with swim lessons, activities, or birthdays. When we found a solid five day period I could go where we didn't have any activities, we jumped at the chance and scheduled it! ...more

Midweek Randoms Part 2

I had too many midweek randoms built up from the last few weeks, that I needed to do two Midweek Randoms posts. We tried a new restaurant a few weekends ago called The Waffle Experience. It was oh-so-delicious ....more

Midweek Randoms

Summer means a lot of free time for me and so I try to pack in all the things I don't have time for during the school year. We also have had the pleasure of having DADDY home with us every weekend and that's been so much fun! We've been able to have more adventures than normal!We have annual passes to the zoo and try to go at least once a month! ...more