Midweek Randoms

I had a random Friday off and none of the kids had it off for school. Do you know how rare that is these days?!? I took advantage of that and cleaned (I know it's boring, but it needed to be done!) ....more

Before I know it, they'll be thirteen!

Most of you know that in addition to parenting three littles, I am a Middle School Teacher! When I first started teaching seventh grade, my principal and I sat down and decided that we should offer a mandatory technology course for our middle schoolers. In it I focused on teaching kids about internet safety ....more

Plummer Ridge Offroading Adventure

I've mentioned a million times before that when I met my husband in high school, he owned a CJ specifically for offroading. We had that third car for years and loved that we didn't have to worry about beating it up! Then, in college and the first few years of our marriage, we did light offroading in trucks that we owned, but couldn't do any REAL offroading for fear of breaking or ...more

Mother's Day '15 and a few little known facts about me

The un-glamorous, but oh-so-real side of mothering: ...more

Trip to Manhattan Beach - (and that time Connor had to be dragged a quarter of a mile)

Because Jen and I were supposed to run the Orange County Half Marathon together and then I sadly got injured, my hubby and I decided to still go down there and cheer her on. (Honestly, up until a week before the half, I held out hope I might be able to run it.) Sadly, that did not happen, but we did get in a fun visit with Jen and Brett! This was Connor's first 7 hour car ride where he was cognizant of time ....more


I had planned on doing the Orange County Half Marathon with my best friend and was SO excited. Because I was going to be running, we decided to only take one kid down with us and arranged for my mom to watch Isabella and my sister to watch Aiden. But then, a week before we were to go down there, it became apparent that my injury was not getting any better and I was beyond disappointed ....more

I'll marry you and have your babies...

The post where I catch you up on the last few weeks.A few weeks ago, on a Saturday, the kids, hubby, and I went to a birthday party for a friend! It was a bowling theme and the first time the twins had ever bowled! The kids REALLY loved it ....more

Backyard Update - Part 3

A week ago, my husband took a vacation from work. It's unusual for him to take vacation days, unless we are going on a trip - but since we decided not to do Europe this summer, he had some extra days and thought it might be nice to work on landscaping the yard! (Thank goodness for handy husbands!).When my husband and I have conversations about things like sprinkler systems, I think to myself, "Oh I get it! ...more

Mid-Saturday Randoms! 5pm is still "mid", right?

I feel all I ever have time for are random life posts, lately; to be truthful, that's actually pretty reflective of my days and weeks these days: random, all over the place, high paced, and full of love. I only have 36 days left of school (at the time of me starting this post) and then I'll have much more time for blogging...and laundry...and returning emails. Or...maybe I won't ....more

Midweek Randoms - End of Spring Break

When we left off on my last Midweek Randoms post, I mentioned that we had planned something for every single day of Spring Break. I explained what we did up until Wednesday, but here was the rest of our fun! Thursday we took the kids to the toddler open bounce time at Bounce U ....more