It’s Here! It’s Here!

I love my husband. He came into the house yesterday, grinning...more

Witnessing Karma

A note from Imp: Hey folks! Yes, I’ve been gone for a while....more

What Do You Mean, We’re Not Married?!

I swear to God, my life resembles a bad sitcom at times. And yesterday was totally one of those times. Wolf and I, despite being married for over twelve years, never bothered to get a copy of our marriage certificate ....more

Decluttering?! HELP!

Ok, folks. Long story short,...more

Being Treasured Ain’t What You Think

Driving with Wolf yesterday. Every now and then, we escape the Minions, usually to go grocery shopping. God Bless Diva, our willing babysitter, who works for cash, and/or a Dr ....more

Ninja Parenting

Sometimes, I find myself wondering, if I’m not actually getting worse at this parenting gig as I get older. Or, perhaps, it’s the having more than one or two. I’m not sure what it is, but I’m definitely not the … Continue reading → The post Ninja Parenting appeared first on Not A Stepford Life ....more

Send The Clueless One

Diva, my sweet girl, is participating in a Medieval Fair this weekend. She’s been sewing her brains out, making cloaks. Like a good Mommy, I’ve been supportive…and have discovered that my darling daughter has inherited my mad organizational skills ....more

Playing Head Games

Now, I’m known to be the boringly faithful sort. And I am. Except when it comes to messing with a person’s head…in which case, all bets are pretty much off ....more

Boobs, And Other Summer Hazards

Ok, fair warning to my guy readers: this may not be the post for you. In fact, I’m pretty sure it isn’t…unless you want to be able to sympathize with the females in your life. Or send them the link ....more

Mischief Managed!

The other day, I discovered that Cubby didn’t have a diaper on, under his Superman onesie. I won’t give you the details of why that was discovered, but let’s just say there was evidence, and leave it at that. Of … Continue reading → The post Mischief Managed! ...more