Why I Prefer Teens To Toddlers

I’ll never forget the elderly lady on the bus. My then two-year old was pitching a tantrum. She leaned over, and with a smirk said, “Don’t worry, Dear ....more

What The Heck?! Files

Every now and then, a friend says, “Hey Imp! Read something you need to look at. Would make a great blog post!” That’s how I got the news about the dolls pooping charms ....more

Glamma?! No. Just…No.

I’ll never forget the first time. There I was, innocent as can be, when Wolf met up with a coworker and the guy’s wife. I was noticably pregnant, and his wife was just soooo excited, telling me that her daughter … Continue reading → The post Glamma?! ...more

Hands Off The Sweat Pants, Eva Mendes

What the heck is it this week? Has everyone that has the attention of the media all lost their ever lovin’ minds? Tuesday, it was Kim Kardashian talking about baby making sessions fifteen times a day ....more

Give It A Rest, Kim Kardashian

Lately, my window to the world, aka Wolf, has been filling me in on Kim Kardashian news. I’m considering duct taping his head shut. First, there was the news that her husband, What’s-His-Face, plastered nude pics of her on Twitter, … Continue reading → The post Give It A Rest, Kim Kardashian appeared first on Not A Stepford Life ....more

Uterus Of Mass Destruction

This has been one heck of a week for me. My...more

I Don’t Do Rodents

There’s something living in the basement. And it’s not anything I’ve married or birthed. Something…critterish ....more

Failure To Communicate

Captain, Road Crew 36: “What we have here…is a failure to communicate” –...more

Only In Our House…

Welcome, folks, to another edition of, “Only In Our House” where I recount an event that happened at the Non Stepford House for your entertainment…and to make you feel better about your own family, children, and parenting skills. Boo was … Continue reading → The post Only In Our House… appeared first on Not A Stepford Life ....more

Random Thoughts

I’m in the midst of a three-day RSD flare up, so my concentration isn’t all it should be, and I find my mind bouncing from thing to thing like a demented pin ball. Random Thought: Boxers, and other athletes have … Continue reading → The post Random Thoughts appeared first on Not A Stepford Life ....more