My Do My Kids Love The Wiggles?

The other night after dinner, an old Star Trek episode (from the original series) came on TV. My three-and-a-half-year-old was extremely intrigued by Captain Kirk and his crew, which made me quite happy, because his father and I are big Star Trek fans.He watched for a bit and then cocked his head and asked, “Mommy?” “Yes, honey,” I replied. “Mommy, are those the Wiggles?”...more

Technology and Family: Raising Kids in the Midst of it All

My husband has a skee ball app on his iPad that my three-and-a-half-year-old loves to play with. He's not very accurate, but he's fast. He just puts his little finger on the screen and pushes upward, in order to "roll" the ball up the ramp and into a hole. His fingers move quickly and surely over the screen, and he'll usually play until we stop him....more

When you're sick, you need your Mamma

It’s amazing how a call from your child’s day care can change everything. So can one little word from your toddler....more

The Best Big Brother

Yesterday when I picked up my boys (three-and-a-half and 17 months) from their day care, we were pretty much the last ones to leave. That being the case, we loitered in the parking lot for a little bit, and the boys did some exploring in the flower beds on the perimeter of the building. My youngest crouched down to inspect a rusted pipe, and I was surprised when my older son grabbed his hand. “Brother, no! Careful! You can’t touch things like that, they might not be safe!”...more
So sweet! They sound like little peas in a pod! It is nice to have them so close in age and ...more

From Bedlam to Bliss and Back Again: Anything Can Happen With Kids

On Saturday morning, my husband left to do a quick errand. When he walked out the door, all was bliss. The boys and I were doing an impromptu sticker project at the kitchen table, and I was trying to pull breakfast together. But when he returned 20 minutes later, all was bedlam. My three-and-a-half-year-old was lying placidly on top of the kitchen table, looking into the living room, where Baby Brother and I were both sitting on the couch, bawling our heads off....more
 @edavis Honestly, never a dull moment!!!! :)more

Our Children Are Listening

Today when I picked up my three-and-a-half-year-old son from preschool, his teacher told me this story: Apparently my son and one of his best buds, Luke, found themselves together this morning in the class bathroom, which consists of two childsize potties that sit side by side. My son was dutifully sitting on one potty, and Luke was on the other. I guess they were chatting together, and the subject of poops came up, as it is wont to do in that situation. The teacher overheard Luke say that he was having trouble getting his poop out. The teacher said that my son leaned over and said to Luke authoritatively, “Luke, you need fiber! That’s what you need! Fiber!”...more Thanks, as always, for your thoughtful, sweet comment. Take care! Mindymore

Memories of My Grandpa

This weekend, while I was napping with our youngest son (17 months), I had a dream. I dreamt it was nighttime, and I was in my room, alone. I heard footsteps coming down the hall, and then I saw the faint outline of someone in the doorway, but I couldn’t quite make out who the person was in the darkness. But somehow, I knew that I didn’t need to be afraid. I studied the outline and then whispered, “Grandpa?” I stood up on the bed and ushered my paternal grandfather – who passed away several years ago – into the room, and when he came near, I embraced him and rested my head on his shoulder....more
My sister and I each had vivid dreams of our Grandfather when we were pregnant, years apart, and ...more

My Son Copes with His Best Friend's Big Move

Last week, my three-and-a-half-year-old and I were drawing a picture together. “Who’s this for?” I asked him as we added a few more stickers (you can never have enough stickers). “It’s for Emily,” he said matter-of-factly, “because I miss her.”...more
I was searching for information about moving from preschool to kindergarten because my son's ...more

Why I Humidify

Every night after we turn off the lights to (finally) go to bed, I tiptoe across the hall and open the doors to the boys’ rooms. With their doors open, I can hear the soft hum of their humidifiers in the background, and that’s the sound that I hear as I fall asleep every night. Each boy has a humidifier, and I run both of them every night without fail. Here’s why...more

Clothes Call: I just can't give some of them away

Since my baby is not really a baby anymore, and since it’s very unlikely that my husband and I will have any more babies in the near future, I’ve started cleaning out some of our baby paraphernalia. It hasn’t been easy. There are so many memories attached to so many of those sweet baby things. It’s been hard to part with the tiny toys, teething rings and blankets. But the hardest thing to part with has been the clothes....more
What  a neat idea. I wonder if I kept something from their early years. I know I kept a lot of ...more