My Nails Are a Mess and So Am I

The other day, Facebook was nagging me with a reminder that I hadn't updated my blog page in 33 days. "Shut up, Facebook; you track my movements and life events, you know why I haven't," was my response. But now I am in a somewhat better headspace and able to pop in with a quick update ....more

4th of July with SinfulColors

I'm celebrating Independence Day with shades from the SinfulColors Star Struck display that came out earlier this summer: Rocket Out, White Haute, and Bangin' Blue.I used White Haute as my base color; it was pretty well behaved, needing only two coats.White Haute has a faint blue shimmer in the bottle, but I couldn't capture that on camera, even in direct light. It reads as a white creme.I topped White Haute with two coats of Rocket Out on my index finger, two of Bangin' Blue plus one of Rocket Out on my middle finger, two of Bangin' Blue alone on my ring, and three of Bangin' Blue on my pinky.Bangin' Blue is a blue jelly with iridescent glitter and flakies. Rocket Out has red, white, and blue star glitter and small silver hex glitter in a thick base ....more

Recent NOTD: SinfulShine Illusion

I took a break from fakes to do a proper manicure with treatment, base coat, color, and topcoat. The color was SinfulShine Illusion, a blue metallic I picked up at Meijer a while back.This had good coverage and behaved nicely, leaving no brushstrokes once it settled. I believe I used two coats of color, though my notes leave something to be desired on that point.Here's the full lineup I used: Sally Hansen Age Correct Growth (part of the stash I amassed when it was being discontinued), Salon Sciences Instant Artificials (which I stashed when Sally Beauty put it on clearance), the color, Diamond Dry top coat.I got pretty decent wear out of this manicure, almost a week with just a few touchups for tipwear (the metallic finish helped the touched up areas blend in nicely) ....more

Officially Summer Now Displays

Look at me with another batch of displays only a couple weeks after my previous display post. Yay for actually following through on my intention to not let so many pictures build up between these posts.Let's get started with a Bonita display from Rite Aid, Candy Fix. Left to right: Leaf Me Alone, Silly-ahhh, Candy Fix, Agent Orange (just no; I know Vietnam was a long time ago but still), Do the Toosie Roll (yeah, it says Toosie on the display; trademark issue maybe?), 5 Second Rule.I really should have had the latest Fresh Paints and Funky Fingers colors in my last display post that covered the things I saw when I traveled to Michigan and back, but they got lost in the shuffle when I put them up in the Five Below Facebook group I'm in while I was still on my trip ....more

Fake Nails Galore

My nails have taken a beating over the last few months as we've been unpacking and moving furniture around and such. In an effort to not have to look at the poor damaged things and protect them at the same time, I've turned to fake nails quite a lot. Fortunately, I have a stash of those as well, most picked up at clerance prices.Maybelline Color Show Nail Falsies in the Foil Fusion design were the first ones I grabbed, figuring I'd better wear these short fakes while my own nails were still short ....more

Barielle Protect Plus Color with ProSina

Sample provided for review Not so recently, Barielle sent me two colors of their new line, Protect Plus Color with ProSina. It took me a while to get to try them because the box got shipped to my old work address; thanks to the guy who handles packages there being a cool dude, he didn't just send it back but messaged me and arranged for me to pick it up last time I was in Michigan. Fortunately, the polishes are not limited edition, but part of a new line that combines treatment and color ....more

Wet 'n' Wild Lost in the Wild Flowers

My planned order of posts got all mixed up with the car crash confusion, so today I have swatches of the four Wet 'n' Wild Megalast colors form the Lost in the Wild Flowers display, which I intended to post before I showed them as base colors for the MILV decals. Poppy Culture, Leaf Me Be, Wild Wild Violet, Cherry Blossom on Top. I started with the purple, Wild Wild Violet ....more

Displays Display s

Displays, Display,s Everywhere DisplaysOkay, that title is an exaggeration; these displays are only from the part of the US between Idaho and Michigan, inclusive.Last display post I was lamenting how picked over the China Glaze Lite Brites display was and hoping I could see a better stocked one when it showed up at Ulta. And voila, I did. Front row: Hot Flash, Lip Smackin' ....more

MILV Water Decals

Sample provided for review Recently I received a package of water decals from MILV to try. I'd actually bought some polish and decals from this brand when I was in Minsk, so I was already a tiny bit familiar with them. The box of decals arrived in good shape considering it had to travel all the way from Russia; one side has English text and the other has Russian.The box contained a lot of different designs; for this first post, I chose one of each type: individual motif, border/stripe, allover pattern, and full nail.For the individual motif style, I picked S325, which has cute pandas ....more

I Have a Good Excuse This Time

So yeah, I haven't been around again. My last post proves I can blog while on the road, yet I did not for the rest of that trip. The main reason is I got in a car accident that rendered me bruised and sore and my car a total loss ....more