Fall Displays and then I'm Leaf-ing

As I've mentioned, I've been traveling recently, and of course I've looked for nail polish along the way from Idaho to Michigan and Illinois. Today I'll be clearing my folders of display photos and then taking another, longer hiatus, as Mr. Karen and I embark on a several-week trip to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary (yes, you read that right; I have been married longer than some of you reading this have been alive; crazy, right?) ....more

Funky Fingers In the Mood

Concluding my fall tour through the spring and summer polishes from Five Below, today I've got the three thermal shades that make up the In the Mood collection: In the Mood, Mellow Mood, and The Moody Blues. Unlike the Fresh Paint pastels I shared earlier this week, these do not appear to be in any danger of disappearing from stores soon based on the locations I was able to get to on my recent travels. In the Mood is a medium pink creme that turns a deeper pink when cold ....more

Wheel U8: Halloween Novelty Bottles

Today's episode of Nail Wheel Wednesday stars Halloween-themed bottles. Sadly I've seen very few of these so far this year, but fortunately I have quite a stockpile in my stash.1. Pumpkin bottle unnamed orange/black glitter (2 coats)2. Pumpkin bottle unnamed orange/black glitter (2)3 ....more

Fresh Paint On Fleek

I had just about gotten my blogging mojo back when I messed it up again. Apparently I can blog or I can travel, but I can't do both, at least not the way I've been travelling recently, which involves driving hundreds and hundreds of miles a day and then overscheduling myself once at my destination. Now, though, I'm staying put for a bit in a location where I don't know so many people, so here I am with the writing and the photos and such ....more

Wheel S8: Mo' Magnetics

Nail Wheel Wednesday rolls along with still more magnetics.(all are two quick coats before the magnet, with the usual caveat that it's hard to get the magnet close to the tips on these wheels)1. Wet 'n' Wild Magnetic A Force to Be Reckoned With2. Wet 'n' Wild Magnetic Igniting the Spark3 ....more

Funky Fingers Summer Beach Colors

In addition to the four solar shades that Funky Fingers released in time for this summer that I shared last time, they also put out four regular shades (3 for $5 vs. the 2 for $5 that the solars are): Beach Please, Aloha Beaches, Set Sails, and Salty Kisses. I don't know if this collection had an official name, as I never saw any signage, but the names definitely have a beach or "by the water" theme.Though I am definitely getting my blogging mojo back, I seem to have lost my desire to do full hand swatches of a single color, so I combined these Funky Fingers into pairs ....more

Funky Fingers Summer 2016 Solars

Today I have the solar polishes that Funky Fingers released for this past summer. I don't feel too bad about waiting this long to swatch them because they are still in stores and also appear on the list of polishes Five Below is now selling online. There are four colors in this collection: Burning Melon, Punkrock Pink, Vibe with Me, and Free Spirit.For efficiency's sake (have I shared how surprisingly busy being retired is?), I did Skittles swatches of these ....more

Wheel R8: Mostly Magnetix Magnetics

Three Nail Wheel Wednesdays in a row? It's crazy around here again, I tell you what. Today I have a wheel full of magnetic polishes, which were were impossible to find for ages, then they were everywhere, and now they're nowhere to be found in stores ....more

All the Displays Fit to Print

I had been doing better at keeping up with posting my display photos, but you all know I've had other priorities this summer so I am once again behind. I did take a number of photos, some here in Idaho, others in places I traveled to or through like Washington, Michigan, and Illinois over the two and half months since my last display post. Some of the displays I'll share today are older but still in stores, some are gone by now from most places, and some are practically brand new ....more

Wheel M8: Glitters from Lynnderella, Shattered, and Black Cat Lacquer

I shared the Lynnderella story last week, so we won't rehash that. I filled out this wheel with my single glitter from Shattered, a brand I can't seem to find any information about, and a quintet from Black Cat Lacquer.(Lynns three coats plus topcoat; Shattered and Black Cat are two coats plus topcoat) 1. Lynnderella 50 Shades of May-Be2 ....more