Top 20 for 2014

Like last year, here I am sneaking in my Top 20 list for last year when this year is just about one month gone. These are my favorites of the polishes that I put on my nails and posted in 2014, though not all of them were released in 2014. I hope holos never disappear from the nail polish world again ....more

Sally Hansen Meets SinfulColors

Today I have seven of the new Insta Dri shades from Sally Hansen. There are fourteen new shades in all; I swatched the other six in December, and as was the case with that set, I introduced the Insta Dri colors to some glittery friends, in this instance the two SinfulColors holiday toppers in stores now. The Valentine's topper teamed up with the four warm-toned Insta Dri shades ....more

Wheel R7: Glitters from Color Club and Nat Robbins

1. Color Club Starry Temptress (2 coats)2. Color Club Glitter Envy (2)3 ....more

Recent and Not So Recent NOTD

Guess what? I'm still catching up with photos in my blog folders. Today it's nails of the day ....more

Minsk Haul the Second

Yep, still catching up. Today I have polishes from my second trip to Belarus last September, the one that I included in my Geographically Diverse Displays post this past fall. I wanted to buy most of the Catrice colors I saw, but narrowed it down to just four so I could get other brands, too ....more

Ciate Bargain Finds

In the same rounds of shopping that netted me the OPI finds I shared a couple weeks ago, I came across some Ciate polishes at discount prices. The biggest find was the Mini Mani Month advent calendar from I think 2013. This was the last one in the store; it had been opened and some of the little doors ripped off inside, but all the polishes seemed to be there, so I brought it home ....more

Wheel X7: Taupe and Tan Shimmers

1. Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Sleek Frost (3 coats) [I'm never sure with these if the finish is part of the name or not; this might just be called Sleek, with the Frost part provided for reference; it's actually a rather subtle shimmer for something called Frost]2. Sally Hansen Nailgrowth Miracle Polished Pearl (3) [ah, Nailgrowth Miracle line, we hardly knew ye]3 ....more

Treats from Across the Sea

Yesterday I caught up with my display posting; today I am catching up with my swap posting. I haven't been swapping much at all recently, just with a few special friends where we've got a good rapport established and the swapping is easy (well, the communication and shopping and such is easy; the parts we can't control like the postal service and customs isn't always). The proprietess of Under the Gravity's Nails is one of these friends; we did another big swap with each other last fall, and it's taken me this long to say a public thank you ....more

First Display Post of 2015

I should make a keyboard shortcut that types "it's been too long since my last display post" because it always seems to be the case. Since mid-December of last year, I've seen lots of stuff, including a few things in Idaho over holiday break (though not as many as sometimes, since I was up on the mountain most days, where there is no nail polish for sale at all, and only in the little town nearby, where there is no chain drugstore much less something like an Ulta).When there were no new Bonita displays at Rite Aid for the winter holiday season, I wondered if they'd dropped the brand, but apparently they did not, as three collections have popped up there recently. Fabulously Diva has six shades in the pleasingly square bottled Salon line: Dream Wonderland, Made to Envy, Royal Wishes, Fantasy Flowers, True Diva, and Prima Donna ....more

Texas Treats

I haven't made any formal New Year's Resolutions, but if I had, keeping up better with my swatching would be on that list. (Of course it would be easier to keep up with my swatching if I didn't buy so much polish, which I guess would be another resolution for that list I didn't make.) Today I have some polishes I bought last summer when I was in Texas and fortunate to be able to meet up for a bit with my friend Mel (of Delicious Color). Left to right: Orchid Bling It On, Orchid Wine-O, Essence Colour & Go Sparkle Sand Effect Me & My Lover, Orchid Starry Night, and Orchid Lone Star Blue.I wore the two reds together, with three coats of Orchid Bling It On for most of my fingers and two coats of Essence Me & My Lover on my ring finger as an accent ....more