One Room Challenge: Powder Room (Week 3)

So this is the part of the ORC that is kind of tricky. You’re either getting a ton of stuff done or you’re sort of waiting to be able to do the things. That’s where I’m at ....more

One Room Challenge: Powder Room (Week 1)

The title of this post should be “That time I lost my mind and decided to participate in the One Room Challenge even though I’m not even living in my house yet and it’s under major renovations plus I have twins who are crawling everywhere and basically no time to do anything.” But...more

DIY Hexagon Stools Using Thrifted Legs

I have this thing with hexagons. I love them. Have I ever mentioned this before? ...more

Family Room Plans

Hey all! So now that you’ve seen our whole house, let me share some things that are in the works. We’re undergoing some very major renovations at this house, and this time we’re not DIY-ing much of it ....more

Here it is: the “new” house!

Truth time: I took photos of the house the very day we got keys, but I honestly haven’t had a second to post about it! This post may or may not have taken me an embarrassingly long time to write, also. Like days! ...more

Moving on

Monday it became...more

Easy as Pie: Peach Pie Bites

Did you know that August 24th is National Peach Pie Day? Yeah. That’s really a thing! ...more

Large Scale Calligraphy Art The Easy Way!

How is it Wednesday already? Honestly, the days of Summer are just flying by, aren’t they? With the move upon us (it’s happening in 12 days, but we get keys to the new house in 5 days, which means you get to see it so soon!), it feels like the days are extra short, but that’s also because I’m soaking up all the playtime I can with the boys ....more

New House, New Kitchen Plans

You guuuuuuuuys! Remember when I told you we’re moving? Well it’s still happening ....more

Make Tree Stump Tables Without Losing Your Mind

Lately I’ve been asked by several people how I managed to make tree stump tables. I started working on these over a year ago, when I was 4-5 months pregnant and I had finally started to feel better after the extreme fatigue and all-day sickness had passed. With a new surge of energy, I felt ready to tackle stripping bark off of two stumps and sanding for hours on end ....more