#TheLOBathReno Part 2: Progress!

The madness of pre-babies renovations continues! So we have actually gotten lots of work done, which both surprises and delights me. And again, when I say we, I mean my husband and my dad, because I basically go into the washroom to look and be amazed at what’s being done, and also occasionally to clean and tidy up because the insane amounts of dust and tools everywhere drive me a little nuts! ...more

One Room Challenge Fall 2015 – Week 4

Hey you guys! So remember how last week I said I didn’t get anything done in the nursery? Well, this week I think I managed to get even LESS done ....more

A Quick Entryway Makeover with DIY Shiplap Walls

Let me start by saying sorry to my email subscribers for the random “Gg”-titled email a few days ago. I accidentally published a post that just had two random pictured for another...more

#TheLOBathReno Part 1: demolition!

Hello lovelies! So you may or may not know that we’re in the middle of a One Room Challenge as we prep the nursery for our twin boys to arrive. Well, as if that wasn’t enough while 7 months pregnant, we’ve also taken on a bathroom reno ....more



One Room Challenge Fall 2015 – Week 3

It’s that time again! It’s unfortunate, but not much was done in the nursery this week. We got baseboards put in, but that’s literally it! ...more

One Room Challenge Fall 2015 – Week 2

Hey friends! So this week’s update is pretty boring, but I have to say I’m excited about it because it means we have floors and walls. Well, we always had floors and walls, but now we have prettier versions of both! ...more

One Room Challenge Fall 2015 – Week 1

Hello friends! Guess what’s happening this week??? Can you believe I’m back for another round of the One Room Challenge? ...more

DIY Sequin Letters

Hey fellow learners and observers! Did you catch the big baby announcement we made on Instagram this weekend? If you didn’t, you should go check it out and then head back here ....more

Side Table Makeover {in under 30 minutes!}

Hey you guys! So I know it’s been like WAY too many weeks since my last post, but this pregnancy has been a roller coaster ride! I finally feel like I’m getting back to normal…because I’m not a zombie with eternal morning sickness, and all! ...more