5 Ways to Manage the Fatigue of Debilitating Anxiety

In the past, I have talked a lot about my debilitating anxiety. Now that I am a mom, it doesn't mean my anxiety has magically disappeared. (Actually, in some ways, it has intensified since becoming a mom.) When I started therapy about a year ago, I had high hopes that I would somehow be "cured and with enough hard work and practice, I might get over this condition that has plagued me for years....more

What to Expect at an In-Office Hysteroscopy

Last week, I had a hysteroscopy performed in my gynecologist's office. I previously had a hysteroscopy performed back in 2011 while under general anesthesia. (It was done at the same time I was getting my laparoscopy.) I was a little nervous and anxious about the in-office procedure because I would be awake and I didn't quite know what to expect. ...more

The Complexities (And Cattiness) of Making Mom Friends

Since before my daughter was born, I feel like all I've heard is "Join a mommy group." "Make mom friends." "Your mom friends will save you."  I have taken this advice to heart. I have tried really hard to make mom friends; like harder than I ever tried to connect with any other group of individuals in my entire life! In my mind, it should be easier. We are all women at a similar stage in our lives. We are raising children. And, yes, there are some definite ties that bind mothers together....more

(Mis) Handling a Toddler Tantrum

I was giving my daughter, K, her bath after a long week of solo parenting. My husband was traveling out of state and had called me to tell me he was extremely ill. I was worried about him and trying to hold down the fort on my own. I was tired. I was overworked. I needed a break. K wanted to look at something on my iPhone while she was in the bath and I refused. This is how it all started. What began as a tiny hissy fit quickly spiraled into what I can only describe as a complete meltdown right before my eyes!...more

Celebrating Two Without a Big Party. Or Disneyland.

My daughter, K, is turning two in less than two weeks. We went back and forth over whether to throw her a second birthday party. A lot of her little pals have had parties, and I was starting to feel the pressure a couple of months ago. Should we or shouldn't we?This is definitely a first world problem, but something to ponder, nonetheless....more

Stay-at-Home Mom Resources to Get You Through Your Day

Back in January, I gave myself a challenge of getting out of the house every day and trying to find budget-friendly ways to do it. As an (introverted) stay-at-home mom, it's easy to stay inside and be in my own head too much. This challenge would require me to be creative in figuring out ways to get us fresh air, socialization, and just have things on the agenda rather than dump all our toys out and trash the house....more

An Introverted Mom in an Extroverted Mom World

Growing up as an introvert wasn't always easy. The world values the qualities put forth by extroverts. Introverts are subliminally and explicitly taught that you must be extroverted in order to succeed. I never felt the need to be in the spotlight or have tons of friends. In fact, I hated having any attention on me. (Maybe that's why I wish I had taken a valium to get through my wedding day?) I wasn't good at thinking on my feet, and required quiet time to gather my thoughts and form my opinions....more

Why Am I Thinking Maybe Another Baby (Despite Infertility)?

Will you have more children? I have been getting this question a lot lately. I don't blame anyone for asking (even my mother-in-law). It took about five years to conceive my daughter, K. She is now almost two years old. I will be 35 this year (35 is the age when you are considered a pregnant senior citizen by the medical powers that be.) ...more
SicilianQueen84 Congratulations on your pregnancy! I had several eggs, but only two that made it ...more

So long, 2012.

2012 has been a good year. ...more


I have finally decided to get serious about starting therapy. If you have read more than two of my posts in the past couple of years, you know I need it. {Hello!} Here's the thing though (a) I am terrified of entering a world completely unknown to me, and (b) I am clueless about how to find my "perfect" therapist match. For starters, I have no local friends or family who know of a good therapist. So asking them ...more