How-To Series – Score Low Cost & Free Items with Sales and Coupons

Original post from The Lifeboat - www.thelifeboat.infoIn my How-To Buy Healthy Food for Less series I will be blogging about how  I save money and bring healthier food into my home.  Last week I shared a outline of the gameplan I use, and today I begin to share the process of shopping and saving....more

How-To Buy Healthy Food For Less


How to stay encouraged!

Day to day life sure can be a challenge.  Car needs repairs, money is tight, kids finding their own path vs. the one we want for them, aging parents, health issues, and just day-to-day things we all deal with.  How do we stay motivated, not bored, not discouraged, hopeful - encouraged?...more

Saving Money at the Movies

Last weekend I went to a matinee at a theater in Cartersville, GA.  We were pleasantly surprised to find a first run movie and paid only $5.00.  As I looked around I saw more deals - Tuesdays you can buy Popcorn or a Drink for $1.00.  I decided to check out local theaters and find out about their deals (see below)....more

The Lifeboat

Happy to be a member of BlogHer community.  For those out of work, need assistance, unemployed, want to save money on groceries check  Good information to help you sail thru the ...more