My 2013 Holiday Gift Guide Suggestions

November is here and that means that the holiday season is near! Can you believe it? With that being said, it is also this time of year where some of us struggle finding gifts for the one we are with or planning to be with for the holidays. The key to any gift is that it is coming from the heart-no matter how much it cost (yep, I said it)! Sometimes when you are in a relationship, partners feel obligated to spend a certain amount on their partner to show how much they mean to them but if it’s a REAL relationship, then you know that money holds no value over the heart....more

Starting My Day With Inspiration

Time-to-time I tend to stumble across articles that discuss routine habits of successful people and a common connection I find in these articles was that most successful folks start their day with some sort of inspiration. Whether it is a graphic, writing, quote, drawing, or object of some sort, successful people tend to spend a couple minutes in the morning soaking up some inspiration that they will carry with them throughout the day. ...more

My Faith is Bigger

In my twenty-something years of life, I'm learning to get out of my own way. You've heard the saying, "you are your own worst critic" and sometimes it is difficult to accept that YOU are the very person preventing yourself from achieving great things in your life. No one wants to admit they have problems but I do *raises hand* (remember, the first step in knowing you have a problem is acknowledging that you have one)....more