So, You Want to Have a PR-Friendly Blog? 7 Tips to Making It Happen

Whether or not a blog is PR  friendly is up to the individual blogger. Some blogs are filled with sponsored posts, ads, and product reviews, some bloggers have a strict policy about keeping their space 100% free of PR related posts, and most others lie somewhere in between the two sides of the spectrum. What's great about having a blog is that you can make it whatever you want it to be, and there is room in the giant sea of blogging for everyone....more

A Cake Pop Tutorial

 This post is a follow up to the letter I wrote to Starbucks a few weeks ago. I finally managed to snag one of the Starbucks cake pops (they hide them behind the counter, BTW) and they were pretty good. I mean, they were fine. Whatever. It got me thinking: There's no reason that I can't recreate a little cake pop magic in my own home. ...more
nice job of explaining the pops!more

RIP Afternoon Nap


You have my condolences. A bright spot? They eventually go to school... : )

Marianne ...more