Upping my Kinky Repertoire!

Are Sex Workers Motivated by Money?

  I had a conversation recently with a very good regular of mine who said that he refuses to see escorts whose main motivation is money, and although I somewhat understand what he's saying, I also have to wonder; why should it matter what motivates a Sex Worker as long as she's providing top notch service to her clients....more

Naturally Flirtatious on my "Regular" Job!

Although I try to be as professional as humanly possible on any "regular" 9-5 job that I have, it’s obvious that I have a very flirtatious nature when it comes to men, especially older men, and they EAT-ME –UP!! See these are the perks of having been intimately linked professionally with men for damn near 15 years; I’m comfortable around them no matter where I am or what I’m doing. ...more

Is Interracial sex STILL a Taboo??

But I like your posts! :)more

Will the REAL Millionaire Please Stand Up!


My Secret Life: I'm An Adult Escort

One of the questions most frequently asked of me is about whether or not my parents know what I do for a living. Please understand that the question is not an easy one to answer fully, because it is both "Yes" and "No"....more
Hey I seen your blog but what I want to ask is bow can I get involve I want to learn about the ...more

Letting go of a good regular client.

If you've been in this industry for any length of time, then you've experienced the unfortunate experience of loosing a good client. And although the reasons may go largely unknown, it is still none the less a humbling experience. These experiences alone are some of the reasons why I keep my emotional attachments to clients at a minimum....more

To Tip or Not to Tip Escorts and Strippers!

I was reading the blog of an escort who's every entry was complaining about her client's reluctance to tip her after a session, which made me think to myself; "Damn, if you weren't so freaking negative then maybe your men would come out of their pockets more often". I just don't understand why escorts think that they have this sense of entitlement when it comes to tips and gifts. As far as I'm concerned, all I expect is what's listed on my rates page....more

Creating your Own bubble helps you avoid being jaded as an Escort.

Someone recently asked me, how do I keep from becoming jaded in this industry? How do I maintain my levels of respect and camaraderie with both the men and other escorts? And the answer is rather simple; I stay to myself! I avoid as much as possible running in escort cliques, and participating in petty bedroom gossip with clients. I just refuse to do it, and I've discussed this before. ...more