Pulled Pork Pizza with Cauliflower Crust

I’m not a huge fan of pork, but my husband is, so when I found out that Zaycon Foods had an oversupply of cases of pulled pork in my area, I jumped at the chance to grab a case at a great price. We don’t have a large freezer, so buying meats in bulk doesn’t […] The post Pulled Pork Pizza with Cauliflower Crust appeared first on lo-wren ....more

5 Tips for Working from Home with Children

Managing children, work, and home means you’re no stranger to stress, especially when your regular schedule or routine is thrown off unexpectedly. I recently found myself battling a sinus infection, going back and forth with my editor on article revisions while other projects waited on my desk, and my husband away on business. Stress took […] The post 5 Tips for Working from Home with Children appeared first on lo-wren ....more

Sampler Week of Wellness Event

The Sampler team is back again, this time offering you a Week of Wellness! If you’ve participated in Sampler’s Ultimate Online Baby Shower, you understand how these sampling events work. Sampler’s Week of Wellness is a sampling event focused entirely on natural and organic products ....more

Kinsights $50 Diaper Junction Gift Code Giveaway

If you’re not already familiar with Kinsights, please allow me to introduce you to a website that is the perfect fit for today’s tech-savvy parents. Kinsights.com is a dual purpose site where parents can a.) keep their children’s medical records, ...more

2015 MommyCon Promo Code & Special Giveaway

Having been to MommyCon in Philadelphia the first year, I consider myself a MommCon Pro! What makes the 2015 MommyCon events even more exciting is that I am also a Smart Bottoms Cloth Diapers Ambassador, which means that I get to enjoy the convention two-fold; the excitement with the incredible line-up of speakers AND being […] The post 2015 MommyCon Promo Code & Special Giveaway appeared first on lo-wren ....more

Honest Moms Speak Out

I don’t believe any mother wants to publicly admit that she’s hit her child out of frustration. No mother wants to share that she contemplated suicide, divorce, disappearing. No woman wants to admit that she can’t carry a child in her womb ....more

Little Things Long Remembered by Dr. Susan Newman

Close your eyes and think back to your earliest memories of childhood. What stands out the most? What memories and moments put a smile on your face? ...more

Toddlerisms: Levity During Trying Moments in Parenting

As any parent can attest, the toddler years can be some of the most trying times and yield some of the sweetest moments in your child’s life. There are days when I text my husband at work, asking what time he thinks he’ll be home because my patience is on the verge of breaking. Most […] The post Toddlerisms: Levity During Trying Moments in Parenting appeared first on lo-wren ....more

Graco® Live Event: The Pack ‘N Play Nearby Napper

What do you get when you invite a group of bloggers, with babies and toddlers, to get together and preview a new product? A live event maxing out wifi and cell towers, a social media storm, hundreds of pictures taken with phones, and a blogger buzz! Graco® sent me one of their newest products, and […] The post Graco® Live Event: The Pack ‘N Play Nearby Napper appeared first on lo-wren ....more

Motherhood: A Juggling Act

If you’ve been following lo-wren for a while, you may have noticed that the frequency with which I post has decreased quite a bit, going from three posts a week to one (maybe – I try...more