I'm a Lover, Not a Fighter...But I'll Always Fight Back.

I read a news story a few weeks ago on a man who was convicted of beating his girlfriend to death, and sentenced to 30 years in prison on a felony murder charge, and in the article, the family of the man expressed shock and anger at what they felt was “extreme and inhumane harshness” on the part of the judge in sentencing him to such an amount. They stated that the man they all knew and loved would not have beaten his girlfriend to death, and that they believed it was an unfortunate accident as a result of one-time rage....more

I've Lost 50lbs...So Why Am I Still Fat?

I think I may have a problem with how I view my body when I look in the mirror. When I was at my heaviest the first time around (250lbs in high school), I always saw myself realistically. I was fat. I had people pounding it into my brain every day. ...more