Milestone: 100 words

Her smile was quiet, yet brilliant Her eyes lit up the room She had long, beautiful fingers Hands with a soft, yet firm grip...more

Down Time

I took today off work to spend time reading, writing, and just being still. I figured I can use a bit of cheap therapy time. I keep thinking about posting to my blog and actually talking about the cheap therapy aspect of writing. I can’t seem to find the right words in the order I want, so instead of working on it, I read more of my thousand-page Stephen King book. I’ve read so many times than in order to be a writer, one must read. Of course, I have also read that to be a writer, one must write....more

Are Those Real?

After overhearing a few conversations, listening to my own internal dialog, chatting with friends, and doing some basic research, I've decided it's time to talk about boobies. In a large enough crowd, it seems there's always one woman who has "impossibly perfect" breasts. Maybe she's in excellent shape. Maybe she's lucky. Maybe they're implants....more
 @Darcie  Agreed! Thanks for commenting!more

Family Planning Choices

I've read a few articles lately about the horrible things people say to women who don't have children. This is close to home and I am feeling pretty riled up about it. Like all things that rile me up, I opted to write a strongly worded, acidic response. And then I sat on it for four days. I've toned down the acid, and I opted to keep the strong words....more