What Kind of Girl Does America Want, Anyway? (On Miley Cyrus and the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show)

Y'all, I'm confused.  And I'm hoping someone out there might be able to clear something up for me.A few months ago, we - the American public - were confronted by this:...more

Embracing Adulthood, or Why Life is Like Tetris

When you were young and thought about what it would be like to be an adult, what did you imagine? Did you look forward to a time when you could decide what you would eat for breakfast? (ice cream, of course!) Did you picture all of the fancy adult clothes you would wear? (What are slacks, anyway?) Dream of the mysterious adult things to do? (Who is this "Bill" person and what are we paying him to do?) Ponder the powerful adult words you would say? (Mortgage! Insurance! Cocktail!)...more

Baby, I'm Amazed By You: Why Parents Feel Their Kids Are So Special

Yesterday, as I stood leaning against the kitchen sink watching H play while I made dinner, she locked eyes with me and broke out into her biggest Cheshire grin, the one that reminds me so much of her father. As she smiled her sneaky smile and shook herself silly in the exersaucer, my mind was absorbed by all of the amazing things I have seen (and have yet to see) her do. There are hundreds of these tiny moments that just catch me by surprise. Where did she learn to smile like that? How does she know to clap and dance the moment she hears music on the radio? I'm amazed. ...more
Amen!! I know other parents don't get it. The hard part is that I want to shout and celebrate ...more

Leaning In or Out? Why I Want to Read Sheryl Sandberg's Book.

I haven’t read Sheryl Sandberg’s new book, Lean In, but I plan to.  As the COO of Facebook, she is already an inspiration to working women based on her position of power.  But I’ve heard mixed things about her book, and I’m ready to see for myself what exactly she has to say about how women can achieve successful careers....more

Without a Village

"It takes a village."  That's the saying, right?  To raise a baby properly, you need an entire village of mothers, sisters and friends?  I can understand the argument but what if you have no village?This weekend some of Papa's family members were in town.  Both of our families live hours away, which means there are usually several weeks (or months) between visits.  That wasn't too bad when it was just the two of us, but Little H changes so much in that amount of time....more
Sara Knight wrote a recent post "When You Don't have a Village" ...more