Can't Stand The Hate: Cutting BridalPlasty Down To Size

Kristy is an occasional guest blogger for The Demoiselles and a member of the TD community (moniker “Owl“); an opinionated 20-whatever-something who can’t seem to shut up about feminist, queer, and fat issues; a Tumbl-er who posts pretty things, funny things, random things and her personal theology (Owls & Elephants); a damn good baker and a shitty knitter....more

Potatoes in the Cellar: Winter Coats Under $100

If I had a fashion thing, it would be coats. You know, like some people buy tons and tons of shoes, others collect interesting necklaces or belts, and still others have a closet full of's that fashion thing that each person gets invested in.  It's quirky and I love it, but I also don't have the closet space for a thing, or the drive to get focused on one aspect of my wardrobe, which is still fleshing out....more

Natural or Neurotoxin?: A Day of Deodorant

I've heard really bad things about natural deodorant. I've heard that Tom's doesn't work, store brands only pretend to be natural, yadda yadda yadda.  I've also heard that regular antiperspirant - which contains aluminium chlorohydrate - is really bad for you....more

to add an endorsement for this deodorant product...eight years ago it started- I was using my ...more


I am sitting in my bathtub.  The water is running over my feet and when I'm not writing these words my arms are stretched above my head, resting against the pink bathroom wall. I should be doing dishes, or laundry.  I should be planning tomorrow's post, or at least an outfit.  Shaving my legs.  Working out.  Worrying because it's 9PM and my boyfriend isn't home yet. My cat is staring at me; he thinks I'm crazy.  But I am not crazy.  Right now, I'm not even his owner....more

Thank you. [exhales]more

My Rosacea, My Kryptonite

What one physical trait do you wish you could change about yourself? It's a bold question for a site based around self-love and inclusive beauty, I know, but I won't shy away from the truth: we all have low self esteem days, and we all have least-loved traits.  Just like our personalities, our physical bodies aren't perfect...they can't be!  Recognizing the things we like least about our imperfect bodies (and imperfect personalities) is one step closer to accepting those things and, if we decide to, changing them....more