5 Crucial Questions Your Child Needs to be Able to Answer

The thought of anything bad happening to your child is every parents worst nightmare. Hands down. While terrifying, it’s our job as parents to teach our kids the necessary tools and information needed to protect themselves. In the event your child gets lost or separated from you, can they answer these 5 questions? ...more

How to Achieve Digital Minimalism in 5 Steps

A lot of people hear minimalism and think that it means throwing away a bunch of their stuff and living with only the basic necessities. While that's partially true, it's so much more than that. Minimalist living is applied to all aspects of your life, not just your physical belongings. What about the digital aspect? In other words, digital minimalism. ...more
Cleaning out my email always seems to be a huge undertaking. I try to unsubscribe at the ...more

My Top Stain Fighting Tip!

Luckily, I know the secret to getting rid of stains -- it's all about the pre-treatment! While I know there are many options for products that pretreat stains and for products that treat strains in the wash, I'm going to tell you about one that does both....more

This Blogger is Done with Parenting Labels (and you should be too)

This Blogger is Done with Parenting Labels (and you should be too)As a society, we like to label things, specifically types of people. What easier group to try to label than parents?...more

The ABC's of Attributes I Want For My Children

A – Accepting May you be accepting of all people and respect their individuality. B – Balanced Find your balance of work and play. Don’t let the pressures of life take over. C – Curious Ask questions, find answers, explore. D – Determined Never give up. Ever. ...more

To My Son: I'm Sorry

To my Son, I’m sorry.I’m sorry I don’t like bugs, or dirt, and that it takes your sister and I 3x longer to get ready for anything than you.I’m sorry I don’t understand the importance of one Pokemon beating another in a match or why that Dragon Ball Z character going “super sayan” is just so totally friggin awesome. ....more


 Lately, every time I turn on my laptop, or any entertainment station on the TV, I see the same thing. The media, tearing apart 50 Shades of Grey — and all of the fans....more

Can You Get Rid of 40 Bags of Stuff in 40 Days?

Hello! I’m so happy to announce an exciting new project that some bloggy buddies and I have agreed to participate in! If you hadn’t guessed, it’s called 40 Bags in 40 Days and is exactly what it sounds like. ...more

5 Reasons I would be a Hungry Food Blogger

Food Bloggers, bless their souls, are a special kind of blogger. Not only are they writers and photographers like the rest of us in the blogosphere, they are also culinary ninjas!I blog to make money, and if I was trying to make money off blogging about the food I make, I certainly wouldn’t make any. I mean really, I have nothing to bring the table in that department — see what I did there?  ...more

Make This Gorgeous Canvas-Mounted Print for a Fraction of the Cost

I am a total print junkie. I love prints! I love finding them, I love making them, I love blowing them up and printing them out. And I recently, discovered I love the canvas look almost as much as a framed print. All you need is the right photo, and you can have a gallery look for a fraction of the gallery cost!...more