Losing My Religion

I have struggled with writing this post for awhile now. I think it has been weighing so heavily on my mind that it actually has blocked me from writing anything else. So, I decided to get it out. Then I struggled on whether or not I should post it. I didn't think I would, but I really don't keep anything from you guys, so here it is. A real, raw post, directly from my heart. I'm not sure why this happens to me every year, but it does....more

Privacy in a Celebrities World

You know what really pisses me off? "If you don't want naked pictures leaked, you shouldn't take them." If you've paid any attention to the news lately, then you know about the nude photos of some of today's biggest celebrities that was stolen from the iCloud app....more

The Challenges of Multiples

Boy and Girl Child are fraternal twins. They were born, via c-section, at 33 weeks. Boy Child is 30 seconds older than Girl Child. They were due September 8, I had them July 24. They were breech position, facing each other, fists up....more
yes to the nighttime feedings!! #wheresthecoffeemore

The Struggle and The Phoenix

According to Greek mythology, the phoenix is a bird that is reborn from the ashes of it's predecessor. It's a symbol long associated with strength and a fighting spirit.  It can't be kept down. ...more

Back to School Clothes Blues

Every single year, we go through this battle. Every. Single. Year. I'm talking about the back to school clothes debate between father and daughter. In this corner, we have The Hubs, decider of all things clothing for Girl Child and Lil Bit....more

Kentucky and the Great Gay Debate

Living in today's day and age, you would think that something as simple as marriage equality would be the norm.  It's not. I live in Kentucky and we are late to the "marriage equality" party....more

Crash and Burn

It would seem that, even with very careful planning, even with the very best of intentions, things can often fall apart in the matter of minutes.  Thursday, I was having a good day. The kids and I went to the library, to the park. We did some running around. I'd started reaching out and networking within the community....more