Breastfeeding Failure: How This Therapist Coped


It's Black Breastfeeding Week -- and Yes, We Need It

World Black Breastfeeding Week begins on August 25, 2015 and I am already hearing the negative, disapproving buzz in the lactation community. I will never understand why anyone—especially lactation consultants—disapproves of World Black Breastfeeding Week. As International Board Certified Lactation Consultants, we have an ethical responsibility to support all cultures, and this includes African-American women....more
AndrewLawton Yawn. Wake me up when it's Black Vegan Pre-op Feminists for Pro-Brony-Rights ...more

The Breastfeeding Mom's Plugged Duct Tool-Kit


Negative Breastfeeding Campaigns: How They Impact Mental Health

I am thrilled to post my interview with Steph, who is a blogger with Grounded Parents.  Steph talks more about how negative breastfeeding campaigns impacted her mental health.  Steph has really good ideas about how to implement positive infant feeding campaigns. ...more

Part 2 of My Interview with Human Milk Researcher, Shannon L Kelleher, PhD: Pre-term Infants and NEC

Thanks for valuable information. Successful breastfeeding can involve 8 simple ...more

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