Why Do I Blog?

Once again, I've been absent from this space. I was on a roll for a while, and my last post had the potential to set me on a tear of other heartfelt posts, but instead, I found myself wondering: ...more

You Kiss Your Mother with that Mouth?

I detest rudenesss. It's my biggest pet peeve, and one of the truest and oldest statements I know about myself. This doesn't, unfortunately, mean that I'm not rude and certainly doesn't mean that I've never been rude myself,but when I see it I instantly recognize it and hate it so viscerally that I want to make it right. Usually with my own brand of rudeness, involving a profanity-soaked tirade that would make my meat-packing, military-serving, Bronx-living ancestors blush. Or applaud, I'm not really sure which. ...more

Freedom Through the Eyes of a 4yo

Me (singing) : Everybody should have their own waffle... H#2 (singing back): Everybody should get what they want all the time. Me (no longer singing): But that would be anarchy and chaos. H#2 (Big grin while he bats his eyelashes): No, that would be freedom. ...more

My Own Personal #VenusTransit

I got a little caught up in the whole Venus crossing the sun thing, but with nearly half of our house sick, I didn't really have time to think about it until almost sunset. You know, the witching hour of jammies, brushing teeth, storytime, bedtime. That time of day when the adults are ready to wind down and and the kids are just getting started. That time of day when one errant step leads you down a path of uncontrollable giggles or inexplicable tears. We were actually running ahead of schedule. And then I remembered. Once in a lifetime. ...more
Cross-posting is giving me a huge headache. Sorry for the link jump, but this is photo heavy and ...more

Only Child for Just a Minute

What happens when your third-born gets his time in the spotlight? This. http://themommahen.com/if-only...more

82 Days (Ode to Summer Break)

Summer is here for 82 daysMy whistle's hung up, my bullhorn's put away. School is out,the year is done;Just in time, too, for everyoneis sick of me with my drill sergeant schtickincluding myself, I wouldn't have pickedthis role to play, harsh, grating and shrill:...more

Life is Messy

To Sleep, Perchance to Eat

I've written about this before. How H#3 suffers some of the stereotypical treatment of beyond-second-borns. But I've now learned, and here documented, that it's not about how we treat him differently than either of the other two. It's just how he's wired. The kid has been waking up between five and six am, then hardly able to keep his eyes open for lunch. I've slowly been inching lunch prep earlier, until today I was getting lunch ready at 10:40. ...more

The New Sidewalk Stand

Rock Star Hair