Family Vacations and Personal Expectations

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What I Hope To Get Out of BlogHer '12

Exactly 1 month from today, BlogHer '12 will commence! Part of me cannot wait, and part of me is a wee bit nervous (read a lot of bit nervous). But as each day gets closer and I reach out to more and more bloggers that will be attending (One of which is my very good friend, Annie from High School who I only get to see sporadically when she visits California!), and I learn more about each scheduled lecture I can't help but be giddy that I get to be a part of this! I'm learning more and more that BlogHer is kind of a big deal!...more

BlogHer '12: What's the voice of my blog?

This past year for Christmas, The Hubs outdid himself. He got me tickets to the BlogHer 2012 Conference in NYC this coming August! I'm beyond thrilled, and to be honest quite scared, to attend this event. It will be 2 full days of schmoozing, introducing myself, learning how to be a better blogger and getting to know some fellow bloggers...oh goodness, can I go back to saying I'm quite scared!? I'm horrible at schmoozing, and I'm horrible at introducing myself and I'm even more horrible at meeting new people. So what in the WORLD am I going to do in NYC, alone, for TWO DAYS?!...more

An Open Letter to my Tantrum Prone Toddler

Dear Toddler of Mine,...more

Remember When?

Do you remember when you had a GOOD memory? Like a memory so solid you could recall things that happened weeks before without even breaking a sweat? I remember those days. They were good days....more

How to Survive Daylight Savings Time with Little Ones Around!

I never understood Daylight Savings Time, I always thought it was silly to adjust your clocks and convince yourself it was a different time on Sunday than it had been on Wednesday. I know there are actual REASONS for DST that may not be relevant in this day and age, but the fact of the matter is, I never understood the whole concept and just thought it was silly. After having chidlren I still hold my ground - but it's moved beyond silly - it's now the worst idea EVER. My so n woke up at 4am today...FOUR A-M....more