Being a Home Maker : Getting Organized. Staying Organized

Dealing with Paper ClutterI love organizing. Period. It is my sincere belief that anything and everything can be organized easily and pretty much, effortlessly. Not just that, I am also convinced that having an organized home is key to being happier, more productive, and definitely, more efficient. Let’s just look at what organizing all the paper that fills our homes can do for us. ...more

Brand New to BlogHer

Hi, Am a new blogger and new to BlogHer.. Loving it till now.. Any tips, ideas and feedback would be welcome.. Do check out my blog themomwrites.. All about being a mom, a writer and a woman.. Would love to connect with other writer moms too.. :-)   ...more

Hi, I will check out your blog.

I'm a writing mom (actually, mum, as we say in ...more