Musing On Getting Over The Mommy Guilt & Making Time For Me!

In my last blog post, I mentioned I was trying to get my "rear and gear" and go back to the health club....more

The Musing Mommy On The Disney Planes Movie

Today I took my four year old son to the movie theater. This was his first trip to the BIG theater to see a movie. He absolutely loves the Disney Cars movies, and when he saw the commercial on TV for Planes, he was very excited. He was also excited to have movie theater popcorn!...more

Musing For Today: What NOT To Say To A Teacher In The Summer

Isn't it great to have the summer off?Boy, sometimes I wish I was a teacher so I could have the whole summer off!So are you just relaxing and enjoying doing nothing?Must be nice to have the whole summer off of work!...more