Sexual Attack: Not Just Pretty Girls

There has been much talk about rape, and with good reason: It happens, sadly, with dizzying frequency, in all kinds of circumstances and to all kinds of people. It's difficult to talk about, and it's certainly difficult to live through, but there's more to the conversation of rape than simply the four-letter word itself. I'm not sure whether I'm one of the lucky ones (i.e....more
Your post really moved me. I absolutely agree that your sexual assault was trauma. You went ...more

How to Be an Ally to Someone Recovering from Disordered Eating

You might not know that you know someone who is in some stage of recovery from an eating disorder or disordered eating, but the statistics imply that you probably do. It's estimated that 24 million Americans suffer from some form of disordered eating or eating disorders, from bulimia to anorexia to binge eating to chronic overeating to the disease I suffered, orthorexia—and then some. ...more

Not Just Pretty Girls

I shared this on Facebook yesterday, and decided I wanted to share it here, as well. It's not remotely food related, but it's my story and my truth, and hell, this is my blog: Imma tell the stories I want to tell. Please feel free to share this note if you think it might help someone else. Rape culture must stop ....more

How I Tested My ED Recovery in Six Weeks' Time

Two years ago, I was sick. I weighed 93 pounds, an I ran 10 or more miles every day on little to no food-fuel. I drank a lot of alcohol and I raided the kitchen at night like a zombie in an egghead convention, but during the day I consumed almost nothing of any real nutritional value. ...more

(Sunflower) Milk and cookies

This past summer, I had the first really transcendant coffee experience I've had in a long time: I got to enjoy a traditional-style Ethiopian coffee ceremony while sitting on a patio in Brooklyn, eating with my hands and laughing with my husband. ...more

The Nervous Cook says, "Hello," to Hello Fresh

"Hello there," says I when a box full of food arrives at me office one day last week. "What we got in 'ere then, mate?" ...more

The best thing that's happened lately

Oh, winter citrus: How can I possibly begin to tell you how much you mean to me right now? How could I fully convey my appreciation for the zingy kiss of your bitter-sweetness? The refreshing snap of your bright pink or orange meat? The lovely little pizzaz you add to, oh, you know, everything? Like a brilliant salad of apples, onion, avocado, ginger—and grapefruit. ...more

Making coffee on one foot

I've always been a bit of a menace in the kitchen. I mean, it's sort of written into the mathematical equation of my life: small space + clumsy girl = (a lot of swearing) x (things breaking) ...more

When you can't stand long enough to cook

Hello, friends. It's me, I'm still here: Just standing on one foot like a short flamingo. (It's really hard to make espresso coffees while standing on one foot, for the record.) ...more

Resolved, not resigned

I don't really make food resolutions anymore. I mean, what's left to resolve? I don't really eat sugar or fried food or meat—not because I some magazine told me it was a sure-fire way to lose weight, but because I believe in eating clean, mostly plant-based whole foods made and enjoyed at home. I don't drink soda, I don't binge (anymore), and I have even cut way down on salt in the past few years. (I KNOW!) ...more