Blueberry and Lemon Sour Cream Cake

Ever want to bake a cake, but not a huge cake? Or should I say…ever want to bake a cake, but feel guilty making a giant cake when there are only two full grown people living in your house? Yeah, that’s the story of my life ....more

Turtle Rice Krispie Treats

Happy late Easter everybody! We had an awesome Easter lunch with family and friends. The girls wore their adorable bunny outfits their great granny gave them, I made a fun Easter themed flower arrangement that turned out better than I expected...more

The Best Shredded Chicken

After I quickly shared the best way to shred a bunch of chicken on Facebook, I realized not many people know about this trick! I really didn’t think shredding chicken (or any meat) in a stand mixer...more


Two weeks ago we noticed Brody’s left eye was looking extra red and maybe slightly swollen. I took him into the vet expecting them to tell me he had scratched it or somehow it was infected…give me some antibiotics…and send me home. Instead, we were sent to a doggie...more

Spiced Buttermilk Pound Cake

Pound cake is breakfast cake to me. I know most people will say coffee cake is the only true “breakfast cake”, but there is something about pound cake that makes it perfect with a cup of coffee in the morning. Plus, this particular pound cake is a buttermilk pound cake — that just screams breakfast! ...more

Steak and Sweet Potato Hash

I have a confession…the babies are 7 months old and we are just now doing the transition to their cribs from their rock & plays. I know most people do it WAY earlier, but Ellie has terrible reflux and it...more

Chocolate Banana Brownies with a Peanut Butter Swirl

I know chocolate and peanut butter is a constant running theme on this blog. I won’t even try to pretend like it’s not one of my all time favorite dessert combinations. After our 6 years together, I think it’s pretty obvious ....more

Easter WonderEgg

Do you remember chocolate wonderballs? If you don’t, they were chocolate hollow balls filled with different kinds of candy. My baby sister, Haley, LOVED them and then they suddenly one day stopped selling them ....more

Balsamic Roasted Salmon

Some days I feel guilty about the amount of carb filled dinners Jorge and I have been eating. From tacos to pizza, it starts to weigh on you…um, literally. ...more

Sea Salt & Crystallized Ginger Chocolate Wafers

You will NEVER guess what is in the middle of these. Saltine Crackers. Ok, maybe some of you might have guessed, but I bet most of you are thinking I am crazy right now ....more