Pear Glazed Ham

HAM!! This is what you need on your table for Easter! Well, this and so much more like my mama’s famous deviled eggs and this adorable Easter rice krispie cake ....more

Easter Rice Krispie Cake

I am trying to convince Jorge to move me back to my home state of Texas, just so I can get a home done by Joanna & Chip Gaines on Fixer Upper. Either that, or I need to figure out how to get her to come to Florida and decorate my house for me! I seriously think we would be awesome couple friends ....more

Mama’s Deviled Eggs with a Parmesean Crisp

My mother is a CLASSIC never measure cook. My grandmother is just as bad about it. It drives me insane ....more

Cake Batter Bunny Chow

Ok, so I know what you are thinking, but this is SO good. I could not keep my hands out of it. However, to be fair I love any of the “puppy chow” type things ....more

Cinnamon Apple Buckle

We are heading out on vacation on Friday and I always forget how stressful it is to actually go on vacation. Once you get there, it’s great, but getting there…ugh. I have about 16 lists running through my head trying to remember what to grab and what not to forget ....more

No-Bake Chocolate Covered Strawberry Pie

You might not know it, but strawberries are a big thing in Florida. We even have a Strawberry Festival in Plant City, FL every year! There are strawberry shortcakes for miles and miles and miles ....more

Happy Friday

Have you ever seen anything more adorable than a baby and her dog best friend? Me neither. In the past 5 months, Lyla and Gizmo have created...more

Raspberry Chocolate Bars

A girlfriend of mine was telling me that she only goes to the store twice a month. We are at the grocery store at minimum twice a week. MINIMUM ....more

Mexican Tuna Salad Stuffed Avocados

I have yoga elbow — it’s totally a thing. It’s a raw patch of skin on my elbow that is crazy sensitive from trying my hardest to plank as long as the skinny girls next to me. I tripped over one of the girls toys yesterday and tried to catch myself…thus twisting my ankle and it has been hurting ever since ....more

Fully Loaded Sweet Potatoes

Sweet Potatoes are my favorite vegetable. EVER. No seriously, ever ....more