5 Kitchen Gadgets for Foodies

 Do you love cooking? or interested in getting started in the kitchen?  Here is an array of goodies for the techie to help you be efficient and have fun cooking....more

10 Things Every Woman Should Carry

14th Annual Wine and Food Festival


Homemade Migraine Remedy

Squidoo to Merge with Hubpages; AllVoices Makes Changes

I've been doing revenue sharing /residual income for a long time. One of my first accounts was in 2000. I've been blogging since 1997 and around 2004/5 I started to get paid for some of my blog posts. Now, I actually make money on my newer blogs in the same manner many others do. ...more

Poetry in Motion : Haunted

Those wordsthey keep playingover and overin my mind.I must have played that songa thousand times.Words so powerfulyet somehow...more

Malice Intended

  Synopsis: ...more

Getting Crafty with Cricut {giveaway}


Dear Self,

Sometimes you just have to sit down a write a letter to yourself to remind yourself of just how imporant you really are. Dear Self, on Self Employed Writer  Bringing my table to yours, one plate at a time.http://yumeating.comEveryday Living with Chryshttp://chrystalmahan.com...more