It's My Turn!

The Optimistic Parrott   When you hear the words "You're pregnant!" (and you wanted to be knocked up, of course), so many feelings and thoughts storm like a hurricane through your mind and body.  That summer morning, my mama took me for my blood test-or I picked her up afterwards; I can't remember.  We were eating breakfast at my favorite bakery, the Bittersweet Bakery, which sadly went down recently with the economy.  I had given up coffee a month prior and sat there salivating over her creamy double mocha with the full-fat whipping crea...more

Tripping Down IVF Memory Lane

Now that conferences are out of the way (woo hoo) and spring break is over (boo hoo), I will continue my walk down IVF memory lane.After a month of being a fertility drug-addict, it was time.  I won't go into the names of all the drugs I took to get to this point, but the needle for HCG seemed really, really big and it had to be driven directly into my backside.  Ouch!  HCG has to be given at a specific time in order to cause the final maturation of the eggs (the other drugs cause the development of multiple follicles, which each house an egg) so t...more

Memories of IVF

I have had many requests to write about my IVF experience.  It is hard to put myself back in that place, particularly with two 14-month-olds zooming around, but I will give it a shot.  I hope it gives hope to those of you out there trying.I pressed the tip of the needle against the upper area of my left butt cheek. “C’mon, Parrott,” I whispered, willing myself to push the needle in....more

The Life and Times of a Double Stroller

Man, I feel great today!  My joints feel 20-something instead of 70-something.  I took the twins on an off-road stroller walk.  I do not have an off-road stroller.  I have a double Graco stroller that has already been through hell and back in its 14-month life.  One day not so long ago, I was frantic trying to get to the Pediatrician on time.  I looked in my rear view mirror and noticed the Dodge canopy was open to the road.  I cursed as I knew my $300+ stroller was disabled in some country ditch wondering what I had against it.  Some lovely g...more

MRI, Baby

My life tonight reminded me of an episode from House.  My husband called me in the middle of work after I had just listened to my brand new shiny student describe his anger management issues, complete with stabbing his brother with nails and breaking a light over his head.  Mr....more

Run, Run, Run!

Today, I went running for the first time since my diagnosis.  I have been nervous about doing any moderate to heavy physical activity (much to my hubby's dismay) but I decided to see what would happen since running is such a stress reliever for me.  Good news-I can run!  By God's good grace, I can run!  Okay, maybe I am being dramatic.  Since the flare-up, nothing has afflicted me beyond being really sore in general.  I can handle that.  No biggee.  I have been a little more careful than usual in my day-to-day activities.   Slowing down is u...more

Feelin' Good

This disease really cramps my style and doesn't fit my personality. Can I just order a different disease off the menu, please?...more

Wolf Woman

I glanced around the Doc’s walls. He is related to me by marriage and I had met him once before. UW Doctorate degree…Honors Medical Society…lookin’ good so far. He must know his stuff. He walked in and grinned at me, hands on his hips for a moment. “Dasha…I was hoping to see you again some other way-not this way!” “I know. Crazy, huh? You know, I felt a little young to be in here when I walked into the waiting room.” He chuckled and commented that I was definitely one of his youngest patients. Lucky me....more

Oh, Goody

I knew it couldn’t be a good thing when my family Doctor left his cell phone number on mine and told me to call him anytime that evening. Hmmm…a mysterious painful numbing sensation ultimately resulting in a rash on my fingers and toes had suddenly invaded my personal space the other day. It followed a virus I had caught from my one-year old twins (who are in daycare and catch everything right now!) This virus had me calling for my momma to help with the twins however. I had muscle aches and cramping and my energy level was slothlike. I could not do anything for the babies....more