How President Obama's Mortgage Plan Really Works

There has been alot of recent news about government-backed mortgage refinancing. I wanted to share our experience to help other homeowners and even renters! Yes, renters!  ...more

You Might Live In A Sick Society When...

You Might Live In A Sick Society When…   You drive down your neighborhood street, see this billboard and: A. Get excited to see the film, in spite of it’s obvious predictability; B. Feel nothing; C. Decide to spend $12 to see this film instead of eating a decent, healthy meal; D....more

50% Feminist / 50% To Be Determined

I don't think there is a word for a woman like me.       Recently I came across a popular illustration on a young woman's web-site who proudly stated that she is a feminist....more

The United States Of Wal-Mart Moms

There two types of Walmart Moms.  There are The Shoppers, a.k.a 'Walmartians', and The Workers a.k.a 'Welfare Recipients'....more

Sex With The "Uncircumcised" Man

Someone has got to say this publicly (Mom, you've been warned). Am I the only woman in the world who has had sex with an intact man and one who is circumsized? (Thank you David for being my model today). Okay, ...more
Fellas...  cut or uncut you need to take care of the penis you currently have.  Using a penis ...more

How To Find The Cause Of Peanut Allergy In Babies

I'm a mom.  And I know my kid.   With so much information available, parents are left to wonder about the cause of a child's peanut allergy. Are they born with it? Does something in the environment cause it?   I have found a way for parents to be able to find an answer.   My discovery was a fluke!...more
I want to preface my comment by stating that I am a registered nurse. The first time an allergen ...more

Warning: Television Is About To Get Worse

It is actually possible for television to fall further into it's dark abyss. I had to share this interesting post I found on Los Angeles' about "Mom's Club", a great new show about 'Amazing Moms' currently in production. **********************************  "Mom's Club" casting posted on Craigslist 1-3-11....more


Thanks for offering to look at the bright side ;) But I can't see it.

Right now an ...more

Living The Dream (Like A Man)

I must confess that I am wrestling with a certain angst. The word "feminist" has gotten me down.   It has been my good fortune to know a life of limitless possibilities. Save for the time I was booted from a baseball game for being a girl, any gender bias that came my way was not very obvious.  And okay, I admit it -- I was a terrible ball player.   Today, my life would fit a traditional mold of male success....more

Snooki: A Situation Of High Hair & Low Expectations

It's time to check up on Snooki, my maternal muse.    Snooki recently made big news. She changed her hair. Both CNN and MSNBC featured this significant event on their home pages.    On July 13, 2010, I believe Congress was laboring over unemployment benefit extensions.   But really, who cares?...more

Our Dependence & Our Dependents

If you are paying attention to news and economics you will eventually come across people warning about a financial calamity on the horizon.      These dooms-dayers are advising that we stock up on gold, learn to grow our own vegetables, buy a goat, get a few chickens, and ready our weapons.   They claim that dark days are upon us. ...more