DIY Anthropologie-Style Fabric Letter


Spooky, Rustic Halloween Wreath

With all the amazing wreath ideas floating around Pinterest and the blog-o-sphere, how could I resist the opportunity to make one myself? My glue gun was calling my name! Still, I knew that if I told my husband I had to go buy another wreath form, "Sure honey, go crazy!" is not what I would hear from him....more

The Terrible Threes: An Honest Take


Without All the Pomp and Circumstance: Getting back to just writing.

I returned to blogging at the beginning of July, and by return I mean I more or less renewed my efforts to figure all this out....more

An Eclectic, Retro, Kitchen Makeover in Progress

 One of my big goals in life is to make my house in to a place that really expresses my style....more
@Laurie Martineau Thanks so much, and thanks for commenting! I am fairly new at this as well and ...more