Can I Know Anything about God?

I once heard Beth Moore say, "God is just as intentional about what He doesn't reveal to us about Himself as what He does." There is plenty He doesn't say and those are most probably the things we don't need to know or are incapable of understanding. However, God is not at all silent on the matter of who He is and provides for us more information on Himself than we could fully understand in multiple lifetimes. The good news for the day ...more

What Blogging Reveals to Me, About Me

Sometimes, God graciously rains down much sense into my life. For those of you who have read my previous posts you might think it's too little too late, but moments of brilliance, only definable as divine, come on occasion and this one is certainly too good to pass up. ...more

Thanks, Denise!


I wish I were . . .

I wish I was an extraordinary cook. I wish I had the crazy skills (and photography equipment) to be like the amazing food bloggers on the internet. Unfortunately, I have neither. But, what I do have is the ability to follow a recipe. ...more

I have learned that if I try to get too fancy, I wind up with total disaster! :o) I love beans, ...more

Enough already! I'm tired of Mom-World.

Have you ever wanted to sell your kids? Seriously. (Well, maybe not too seriously.) But, I wonder How much could I get for them? Enough for a new pair of shoes? Enough for a new car? Enough for a new house AND a new car? Today, however, I am not likely to get more than enough for a burger off the McDonald's Dollar Menu. ...more

Goodbye, TV. Hello, Netflix!

About a year ago The Preacher and I decided that it would be in the best interest of our family to give up TV. Not the "put your television on the street" kind of give up, but the "tell the cable guy to shuck it" kind. We were trying to be good stewards of both time and money and felt foregoing TV would be a wise decision....more

Let me encourage you . . . keep it up! Occasionally (since we gave up television) we still ...more

An Ode to Lynn

Are friendships qualified as "May/December" just as romantic relationships are? I'm not sure, and have wondered. You see, one of my dearest friends just turned 70 her last birthday and seeing as how I am 31, we make a rather unlikely pair.Before meeting we had both become rather lonely. Though our congregation, at that time, loved The Preacher (and me), there was just no one there I connected with very deeply. Lynn's children are grown and busy with their own lives and as she does not have a husband to keep her busy, she found herself at a time without much to be a part of....more

More than I can Chew

You know the feeling. I know you do. It did not seem like such a huge task when I offered to do it. Besides, I had a new recipe I wanted to try. But, now, here I am, another wild weekend staring me in the face and I have to make - cookies....more

Crunches on the Couch

As I was lying on the sofa reading the latest (fabulous Charleston) edition of Southern Living I was struck by the fact that other than reading, I was doing nothing. Not a single thing. I was not reading while cleaning the kitchen or reading while watching the kiddos or reading while waiting on laundry I was simply, reading. So, I figured I needed this lull in life needed bumping up and, well, "exercise!" came to mind....more

So, What Do I Do Now?

I figured I would give this whole blogging thing a shot. You see, I have SO much say and well, so few people seem to be soliciting my fabulous opinions. Now, I think that anyone would be happy to hear what I have to say about, well, anything but, they just don't know yet that what I know could very well change their lives. So, to help all those who need me, I thought blogging would be a good way to begin....more



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