4 Steps to Achieving a Productive Lunch Hour!

Yes...you are super busy at work, and the thought of stepping away from your computer to grab some lunch is giving you anxiety. This is typically how I feel on a daily basis. I know that I have to eat, and the rumbling in my stomach usually reiterates this fact ....more

The One Thing I Did To Reduce My Stress At Work!

Work can be stressful...it is what it is! And since work stress is inevitable, I am always looking for ways to de-stress. Those of you who have followed the Chronicles for a while know of the various ways I have attempted to relieve stress, including running, shopping, hot yoga, and of course...blogging! ...more

Why Are Women Reluctant To Ask For What They Want In Business?

A little while back, a good friend and colleague of mine gave me some advice that I have carried with me since hearing it. She told me that women in business do themselves a disservice by not asking for what they want, and I should not be one of those women. Before I move on, let me give you a little context....more

Summer Workwear: Dressing for the Outside Heat and the Chilly Office!

Greetings Divas! Like many of you, I am really excited to bask in the summer weather; especially with the terrible winter we had in the northeast. The summer also gives us an opportunity to switch up our wardrobe ....more

My Brief Thoughts on Caitlyn Jenner...

Let me first start by saying that I am an extremely open-minded person. I honestly believe in the philosophies of "live and let live," and "live your own truth." In my life, I have been blessed to have formed meaningful relationships with individuals of different races, sexes, creeds, national origins, sexual orientations, religions, and lifestyles. While these individuals have played different roles in my life, two things remain the same about each of them: (1) not one of them is exactly like me, and (2) their individual differences and uniqueness have enriched my understanding and acceptance of that which is not exactly like me ....more

Sunday Prep!

Greetings Divas and Gents!It's Sunday! And for a good number of us, Sunday is the day before our work week begins. If you're anything like me, Sunday is the day you get things situated so that your week runs smoothly ....more

5 Steps To Receiving Criticism At Work Like a Champ!

Receiving criticism at work is one of the hardest things for professionals. As a professional, you strive to do an excellent job at any task. You work hard to be thorough, accurate, and timely when performing your job duties, and you take pride in your work product ....more

I Have A Dream!

Good Morning! With all of the disrespectful and ignorant uses of Dr. King's image on club flyers and such, I thought it only right to put a more appropriate image on display ....more

Winter Makeup Inventory!

Greetings Divas! Let's talk makeup! A few weeks ago, I executed a complete overhaul of my makeup case ....more

21-Day Challenges...Kind of!

Well...we are already 4 days into 2015...which likely means you are on Day 4 of that 30-day challenge (or 60 or 90) that you signed up for at the end of 2014. You know the challenges I'm talking about right? The 30-Day Squat Challenges...the 60-Day Clean Eating Challenge...the 30-Day Workout Challenge...there are a bunch of them out there with accompanying social media hashtags ....more