Where She Went

In the sequel to If I Stay, Gayle Forman makes you fall in love with Adam and Mia. Where She Went is about a high school romance that ended after a tragedy and after life kicked in after high school. It takes place three years after the romance. Their lives have led them in two [...] ...more

Delayed Easter

I was going through some pictures and realized I forgot to post our Easter. So, Happy Easter! I hope everyone had a good one. We had a great Easter here. Grandma and Papa came to visit. But first the kids couldn’t wait. The bunny had hidden eggs all over the fenced in area of our [...] ...more

Dressing For a Non-Model Size

  Question of the week: What are your favorite ways to dress well for your size and shape? How do you make your wardrobe work through transitions? It’s no secret… I’m no size 2 and zero isn’t a size. I’m not even a 4 or … or …. or …. I’m in the double digits. [...] ...more

You Have No Idea (kind of)

Most of us have heard of her and seen her on Ugly Betty. She’s beautiful and talented. Vanessa Williams and her mother Helen wrote the book You Have No Idea. It’s Vanessa’s life story and her journey to fame. It starts with her Miss America scandal and went from there. It told how Vanessa dealt [...] ...more

What Kids Do While Dad Works

I posted about how my husband made our new chicken coop here. Now let me show you what my children did to pass the time while he worked hard. The three older kids enjoyed decorating every inch of our driveway (except where dad worked) with chalk. Anya especially liked this. She is our little artist. Savana [...] ...more

Style with limits

Question of the week: How do you find your fashion voice and cultivate your personal style? My fashion voice and style have limitations. So, before I tell you how I find my style and cultivate it I must first tell you my limitations. 1. Money. Everything I buy must be inexpensive. I have 5 other people to [...] ...more

Chicken Coop On The Cheap

We got ourselves some new chickens this year. The 5 we have we bought ourselves 2 years ago. We used to get an egg a day from each of them. Now we are lucky if we get 2 eggs a day. In our house that just doesn’t cut it. It has been recommended to me [...] ...more

Maybe This Year Will Be Different

My Little Man just wont stay that way. He feels he must get older like the rest of us. Hopefully that means his crazy shenanigans will cease. But I wont hold my breath. At the beginning of month he turned 4. Can you believe it? I can’t. Clint and I could not decide what to [...] ...more

A Boot of a Cake

This month we celebrated Dean’s birthday! He’s another year older and obsessed with cowboys, cars and dirt. We’ve done cars and trains for cakes so this year I thought we’d go cowboy. I was going to actually cut out a boot shape, but this was much easier. It only took me 10 minutes to decorate. [...] ...more

I was an Observer

Books are dangerous. Yes, I said it. BOOKS ARE DANGEROUS! If you pick up one book, just one, it’s possible you’ll get sucked into the book worm club. I’ve been an observer for years…just a little over 31 years. Many have tried to suck me into the world of reading. My mom was the first. [...] ...more